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Our Business is Devoted to Providing Professional Content Writing Services that Help Our Clients Stand Out from the Crowd

When it comes to content, it isn’t just what you say, but how you say it. Well-written content helps readers connect with your business or brand, while website content that isn’t well-written will quickly turn would-be clients or customers away.

This is why businesses and institutions need professional website content writing services. Even when business leaders know their value proposition down to the smallest detail, they often struggle to put it into words. This is because writing is a skill that requires practice. While many business leaders could become highly capable writers if they put in the time and effort, simply put, their time and effort are better spent elsewhere.

Our core proficiency is professional website content writing. Founded by a non-practicing lawyer who has written thousands of pages of content for law firms and other businesses throughout the United States and around the world, Smart Content is a content marketing agency devoted exclusively to writing custom-tailored content. Whether you need to build out a website’s content or execute an ongoing content marketing strategy, we have the writing and organic SEO skills required to help your business, firm, or institution stand out from the crowd.

Our Website Content Writing Services

We provide professional website content writing services. That’s what we’re good at, so that’s what we do. We work with businesses, firms, and institutions of all sizes to build out their websites and conduct ongoing content marketing campaigns. In addition to working with businesses, firms, and institutions directly, we also work with design firms to provide outsourced website content writing services for their clients. Our services include:

Content Buildouts

Whether you are building a new website or your existing website needs to grow to keep pace with your business, we can help. We structure and write custom-tailored website content for sites with dozens to hundreds of pages.

Third-Party Articles

Writing content for third-party websites serves two important purposes for businesses and law firms. The first is link-building, which is a core component of organic search engine optimization (SEO). The second is positioning you, the founder or leader, as an authority. We have written content for third-party sites ranging from the National Law Review to the International Business Times.

Monthly Content

Monthly content development is the core of any effective content marketing strategy. Our monthly content packages include SEO research, topic research, blog articles, and updates to existing content that needs a boost to remain relevant and competitive on Google.

Other Content

Along with website content writing, we also provide other content writing services for our clients on an as-needed basis. From press releases and newsletters to product descriptions, social media posts, and video scripts, we can write anything your business or institution needs.


Whether your company is seeking to penetrate the U.S. market or you want to begin targeting non-English-speaking clients or customers, we can provide the website content writing and translation services you need. We have experience writing for a variety of non-U.S. companies; and, for U.S. companies, we can write and translate content that speaks to all of your target markets.

Organic SEO

We have experience providing organic SEO services to clients ranging from national law firms to online retailers. Just like our website content writing, we take an analytical, research-based approach to organic SEO that produces a clear strategy and measurable results.

Our Core Competencies

So, why should you choose Smart Content? Beyond the simple fact that we offer website content writing services, we also offer:


Clarity can be elusive. We harness the power of clarity to deliver our clients’ messaging, position our clients as authorities and market leaders, and help guide prospective clients and customers through the decision-making process. But, while content should be clear, it shouldn’t be basic. We know where the line is drawn.


Consistency is important in all aspects of website content writing—from writing style to your company’s or institution’s publication schedule. We prioritize consistency in everything we do. Consistency also facilitates efficiency, which is another of our core competencies.


We take a creative approach not only to website content writing, but also to subject matter and SEO research. We look for market voids our clients can fill, and we craft custom-tailored content that both reflects our clients’ uniqueness and speaks to their prospective clients’ or customers’ wants and needs.


While we spend our days researching and writing, we also know that you have other things on your plate. With our proactive approach to strategy and ideation, we make managing your business’s or institution’s website content writing needs as efficient and hands-off as possible.


We are nothing if not timely. As someone who would rather be ten minutes early than one minute late, our founder and CEO emphasizes the importance of timeliness in everything we do. Once we develop a publication schedule, we stick to it. Period.

How We Work

With our commitment to efficiency and timeliness, we make managing your business’s or institution’s content needs pretty simple. Just like we don’t like writing that is unnecessarily complex, we don’t like business practices that are unnecessarily complicated. With this in mind, here is an overview of how we work:

  • Website Buildout Packages – For website content buildouts, we will work with you to identify your business’s or institution’s needs and develop a packaged solution that we deliver for a flat rate. We write content for websites ranging in size from dozens to hundreds of pages.
  • Monthly Content Packages – We also provide our monthly content packages at a flat rate. Our packages start at 2,500 words of content (i.e., two 1,000-word articles and two content refreshes) with organic SEO (if desired) and go up from there. We have worked with several businesses that publish 10 or more articles per month.
  • Ad Hoc Content Development – While we primarily focus on providing packaged website content writing services at flat rates, we also provide ad hoc content development services to our clients. Simply contact us to discuss your ideas or needs.
  • Strategic Planning – Through our integrated approach to SEO strategy and content strategy, we are able to formulate website content writing plans that extend well into the future while also providing the flexibility to adjust as necessary.
  • Topics and Content Scheduling – Some of our clients prefer to approve their article topics, and some trust us to come up with topics and write. Whichever option you prefer, we will develop a publication schedule that maintains an active and up-to-date online presence for your business or institution.

When you get in touch with us, we will work with you to develop a plan for moving forward. Whether you are interested in working with us directly or you would like us to collaborate with your website design agency, we can do whatever works for you. We can deliver your custom content in any format you prefer, and we will do so by the deadlines we establish when defining the scope of our content writing services. Our approach generally involves:

Professional Website Content Writing Services | Smart Content

  • We will have an initial email exchange or meeting to understand your business, firm, or institution's content marketing goals;
  • We will propose a content buildout plan or monthly content plan (or both) based on your organization's needs and budget;
  • We will research and develop your organization's initial organic SEO strategy;
  • We will begin providing our custom-tailored content writing services; and,
  • We will write your organization's content and execute (and continue to refine) your organization's organic SEO strategy on an ongoing basis.

With our approach, you can be as involved (or uninvolved) as you want to be. If you are working with a design agency (or if you own a design agency), we can work alongside to help streamline the process. That’s content simplified. That’s Smart Content.

Case Studies

Case Study #1: Custom Content and Organic SEO with Over $200,000 in Monthly PPC Value

Starting with a blank slate, Jeff Fabian and Daniel Navarro built a website in the highly competitive work injury segment of personal injury law. With hundreds of pages of content, including several Comprehensive Guides, the site ranked highly on Google for dozens of organic keywords with a forecasted pay-per-click (PPC) value of more than $200,000 per month. They also managed an active off-site presence for the property, which included writing articles for several third-party outlets. With content that focused on injury victims’ questions and concerns, the site had a high conversion rate, and it outranked law firms with substantial marketing budgets on both national and local keywords.

Case Study #2: Helping an Upstart Law Firm Grow a Nationwide Presence

Jeff and Daniel helped lead the growth of an upstart law firm from a single office location with a few lawyers to a national powerhouse. Working with other partners, they managed and executed the firm’s SEO and content marketing strategies, publishing both on-site and third-party content at a rate that outpaced the vast majority of other law firms in the country. Today, the law firm is continuing to grow, and has a nationwide network of lawyers who represent high-profile clients throughout the United States and worldwide.

Case Study #3: Rapidly Expanding a Travel and Leisure Website’s Global Audience

With a carefully planned website content writing strategy, we helped expand a new online travel and leisure magazine’s global audience more than eightfold in a matter of months. Focused on the highly competitive market of Charleston, SC (which has been named the Number One travel destination in the U.S. several years running), the online magazine covered areas of interest including restaurants, sailing, local events, movie filming locations, and outdoor activities. By partially shifting this focus while still remaining true to the online magazine’s foundation, we were able to generate substantial organic search traffic from locals as well as travelers around the world.

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