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We Write Professional, Informative, and Custom-Tailored Legal Content Writing for Family Law Firms

Family Law Website Content from Smart ContentFor family law firms, an informative website is essential for getting clients online. These days, most people who are looking for a family lawyer start their search online—whether on their laptop, tablet, or phone. Prospective clients expect to be able to find the information they need to make informed decisions; and, if one firm’s website is lacking, they will quickly look elsewhere. We write professional, informative, and custom-tailored family law website content that is designed to convince potential clients to get in touch.

How do we do it? At Smart Content, we focus on doing what we do best—and that is writing professional website content. Law firm website content is our bread and butter, and our CEO and Lead Writer is a former lawyer who has more than a decade of experience writing content for law firms across the United States. We provide organic SEO services for family law firms as well, and our SEO Director also has more than a decade of experience helping law firms get found online.

Professional Organic SEO and Legal Content Writing for Family Law Firms

We have written website content for family law firms from Maryland to California, and from Montana to Texas. We have also read lots of family law website content written by other writers. We understand what works—and what doesn’t—when it comes to generating inquiries from potential family law clients online, and we firmly believe that we write some of the best family law content on the Internet.

Our family law content writing and organic SEO services include:

  • Family Law Website Content Buildouts – Whether you are interested in expanding your firm’s existing website (or SEO or other purposes) or you are building a new family law website from scratch, we can write all of the content your firm needs. We can either work with you directly or work with your firm’s website design agency to perform your website content buildout.
  • Family Law Blog Articles – We write family law blog articles for firms on a monthly basis. The number of articles we’ll include in your monthly content plan will be based on your goals, desires, and organic SEO needs. Our monthly content plans start with two 1,000 articles per month, but our family law content writers can write as many articles as makes sense for your firm. In addition to helping with organic SEO, you can also promote your firm’s articles on social media and use them as newsletter content to stay in touch with your existing clients and referral sources.
  • Articles for LinkedIn,, and Other Platforms – Along with writing monthly blog articles, our family law content writers also write other types of monthly content. This include articles for LinkedIn,, and other third-party platforms. Publishing articles off of your family law firm’s website not only expands your reach, but it can help with organic SEO as well.
  • Other SEO-Focused Legal Content Writing for Family Law Firms – We also provide other SEO-focused content writing services for family law firms. For example, our monthly content plans typically include an allotment for updates to our clients’ existing family law website content. Google (and the other search engines) penalize stale content, so regular updates are essential to maintain—and continue growing—law firms’ organic search rankings.
  • Content Translation for Family Law Firms – If you are able to serve clients who speak Spanish and other languages, then translating your family law website content can provide a significant boost to your firm’s online visibility. Once we write English-language content for your firm’s website, we can translate it into other languages to expand your firm’s search engine presence.

We provide all of our content writing, organic SEO, and translation services at flat rates. In most cases, we work with our clients to develop website content buildout plans and monthly content plans in advance, and then we get to work providing the services to which we have agreed. While it can take time for a new organic SEO strategy to start generating traffic, we do not require long-term commitments, and our goal is for you to become a long-term client because you are satisfied with our services.

Our Experience with Legal Content Writing for Family Law Firms

As a result of our experience writing custom content and providing organic SEO services to family law firms, we have developed content in virtually all areas of family law practice. This includes writing content for family law firms in several states on topics including:

  • Adoption
  • Divorce
  • Child Custody and Parenting Time
  • Child Support
  • High-Net-Worth Divorce and Separation
  • Immigration-Related Family Law Matters
  • Mediation and Collaborative Divorce
  • Post-Divorce and Post-Separation Enforcement
  • Prenuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements
  • Property Division
  • Separation
  • Spousal Support

When writing website content for family law firms, we focus on speaking to the firm’s desired audience. We base the sophistication and tone of our content on the types of clients our clients want to attract. We research the relevant laws in each state to ensure that our content is accurate and up-to-date, and we always write every word of our clients’ content from scratch to ensure that it is completely unique and custom-tailored.

Choosing Article Topics (and Writing Quality Content) for Your Family Law Blog

A big part of what we do is writing blog articles for law firms. We have written hundreds of articles on family law topics, and our CEO and Lead Writer has written for many family law firms for years. When writing blog articles for family law firms, we focus on developing content that is both fresh and evergreen, and we typically write articles that fall into one of three broad categories:

  • Articles That Answer Specific Questions – Articles that answer specific questions are good for organic SEO. They are also good for showing prospective clients that you have relevant expertise (we know, we can’t use this word on your firm’s website) and that you aren’t trying to hide the ball.
  • Articles That Help People Understand What to Expect – Getting married, getting divorced, or adopting a child is a big When people are preparing for these types of major life events, they want to know what they can expect. If you can tell them, this can help build the trust and confidence necessary to foster an engagement.
  • Articles That Help People Make Informed Decisions – While family law firms need to avoid providing advice on their blogs, they can (and should) provide sufficient information to help prospective clients make informed decisions. This includes (but is not limited to) decisions about whether to hire a family lawyer and how to choose the family lawyer that is right for them.

We write topics on relevant updates in the law as well. For example, when the Supreme Court issued its decisions in Obergefell v. Hodges and Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, we wrote several articles discussing these decisions’ implications for same-sex partners and expecting parents. Decisions like these are important to prospective clients, and discussing them on your firm’s blog provides relevant information while also showing that your firm is attuned to the latest developments in the law.

If you choose to work with Smart Content, what types of articles will we write for your family law firm’s blog? While we are more than happy to work with you to develop topics, many of our clients trust us to come up with topics for them on an ongoing basis. Here is just a very small sampling of the types of topics we have covered for family law firms:

  • How Can I Keep My Divorce Out of Court?
  • How Do You Deal with Cryptocurrency and Other Intangible Assets When Getting Divorced?
  • How Will [Your State’s] Community Property or Equitable Distribution Rule Impact Your Divorce
  • Important Considerations for Spouses Who Are Contemplating a Divorce
  • Pre-Divorce Checklist: What Documents Do You Need When Preparing for a Divorce?
  • Options for Addressing Birthdays and Holidays When Developing a Parenting Plan
  • Tips for Creating a Property Inventory for Your Divorce
  • Understanding the Benefits (and Challenges) of Coparenting After a Divorce or Separation
  • Understanding the “Best Interests” Factors for Developing a Post-Divorce Parenting Plan in [Your State]
  • What Are the Tax Implications of Dividing Retirement Plans in a Divorce (and How Can You Avoid Them)?
  • What Can (and Should) You Expect from Your Divorce Lawyer?
  • What Is a Collaborative Divorce (and Is a Collaborative Divorce Right for You)?

Again, this is just a small list of examples. When you work with us, we will develop article topics that are specific to your firm’s family law practice. We will research the laws and latest developments in your state, and we will develop a structured and cohesive monthly content plan that is focused on providing information that is relevant to your desired clientele.

Why Choose Us to Write Your Family Law Firm’s Website Content?

So, now that you know what we do, why should you choose us for your family law content writing needs? Here are some of the reasons why we believe we are the best choice for your family law firm:

1. Our CEO and Lead Writer is a Non-Practicing Lawyer

Our CEO and Lead Writer is a non-practicing lawyer who has been writing professionally for more than a decade. As a result, we understand law firms’ unique content-related needs, and we know how to write professional content that speaks to family law firms’ prospective clients.

2. Our SEO Director Has More Than a Decade of Experience Working with Law Firms

Our SEO Director also has more than a decade of experience working with law firms. This means that we are familiar with the unique demands of law firm SEO as well, and our SEO Director has a long track record of generating a positive return on investment for law firms in a variety of practice areas.

3. We Take a Professional Approach to Legal Content Writing for Family Law Firms

We take a professional approach to legal content writing for family law firms and providing legal organic SEO services. We are communicative and straightforward, we are timely, and our family law content writers are committed to producing effective content that helps our clients get more business online.

4. We Take the Burden Off of Your Shoulders

Many family lawyers start out trying to write blog articles on their own. But, their time and effort are usually better spent elsewhere—as long as they can find a professional and reliable content marketing agency. You can be confident letting our family law content writers take the burden off of your shoulders.

5. We Offer Flat-Rate Pricing with No Long-Term Commitments

As we mentioned above, we offer flat-rate pricing with no long-term commitments. Despite our experience, our rates are more than competitive with those of most full-service law firm website agencies.

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