Custom Content Creation Services

We Provide Custom Content Creation Services for Businesses, Firms, and Institutions in All Industries

Custom content helps businesses, firms, and institutions stand out from the crowd. With so much content on the Internet—and so many competitors vying for your audience’s business—publishing content that gets readers’ attention is crucial for turning readers into clients or customers. We provide professional custom content creation services for clients worldwide.

No matter what type of content you need, we can deliver professionally written and custom-tailored content that helps you achieve your digital marketing goals. We work with professional services firms, retailers, and other businesses in all industries, and our experience ranges from writing press releases and LinkedIn posts to writing e-books, video scripts, product descriptions, and other marketing materials.

Custom Content Creation Services for All Types of Online Content

If you’ve sat down and tried to write content for your business, firm, or institution on your own, you know just how challenging it can be. It becomes even more challenging when you focus on proper grammar and punctuation while still trying to maintain a creative and authoritative voice, and it becomes more challenging still when you throw organic search engine optimization (SEO) into the mix.

At Smart Content, we specialize in creating custom content for publication on our clients’ websites and through third-party outlets. This includes (but is by no means limited to) providing the following custom content creation services:

E-Book Writing

We have written e-books on a variety of subjects, ranging in length from dozens to hundreds of pages. Whether you are interested in selling an e-book or using an e-book as a free promotional tool, we can work with you to develop a project plan that meets your goals and works with your budget.

Our custom e-book writing services begin with developing an outline. While our CEO and Lead Writer will take the lead, this is generally a collaborative process. It is your e-book, after all, so the more direction you can provide at the outset, the more we can customize your e-book’s content and voice to you. Once we have an outline, we will typically deliver the first chapter for your review, and then we will complete the rest of your e-book by our agreed-upon deadline.

LinkedIn Post Writing

LinkedIn is an effective marketing platform for a variety of types of businesses, firms, and professionals. We provide LinkedIn post writing services focused on demonstrating our clients’ capabilities and establishing our clients as authorities in their respective industries. In addition to creating new connections on the platform itself, publishing thought-leadership articles on LinkedIn can also help drive readers to your business or firm’s website and other online assets.

Newsletter Writing

Newsletters allow you to remain engaged with current and prospective clients, customers, and referral sources who might not be visiting your organization’s website. Along with including links to your organization’s latest blog articles, monthly newsletters can include updates, insights, and exclusive content as well. We provide newsletter writing services in addition to our other monthly content writing services for clients that have email lists they use to stay connected with their followers.

Press Release Writing

We provide press release writing services for law firms, consulting firms, not-for-profit organizations, and other business clients. Issuing press releases provides the opportunity to gain media exposure, and this can help drive targeted traffic to your organization’s website. For PR Newswire and most outlets, press releases must follow strict formatting and attribution requirements. We write engaging press releases that meet these requirements and that are designed to help our clients get coverage, interviews, and other publicity opportunities.

Product Description Writing

Well-written product descriptions are crucial for getting business from discerning customers. They are especially important in retail industries where customers want to make informed decisions and are willing to shop around before making their buying decision. We have provided product description writing services to clients ranging from cannabis companies to automotive part retailers. Whether your business needs product descriptions for its website, Amazon, or another online marketplace, we can write informative and compelling custom content that helps get customers to click “Add to Cart.”

Video Script Writing

Videos are essential content for many types of businesses—even more so than the written content on their websites in some cases. Publishing compelling video content is about more than production quality—the script matters, too.

We provide video script writing services for all types of audiovisual content, from advertisements to long-form promotional videos. Whether your business or firm produces videos in-house or works with a production company, we can write scripts with compelling storylines that take viewers on engaging journeys and make them want to subscribe for more content.

Creating Other Custom Content

Along with the types of content listed above, we provide custom content creation services for many other types of media as well. If you need a professional writer for any type of content project, we encourage you to get in touch to discuss how we can help.

Our Process for Developing Custom Content for Businesses, Firms, and Institutions

We take custom content creation seriously. It’s what we do, and we are passionate about doing it well. With this in mind, we follow a systematic process that blends professionalism, research, and creativity that results in quality, custom-tailored content for our clients. Our process broadly involves:

  • Goals and Scope – Working with our clients to understand their goals and clearly define the scope of each custom content writing project.
  • Research – Conducting research focused on understanding what is being done in the market and how we can do better for our clients.
  • Outlining – Outlining each piece of custom content based on the information we’ve gathered, with the goal of guiding—rather than restricting—our custom content creation.
  • Writing – Writing professional custom content that is designed to meet our clients’ digital marketing needs while exceeding their expectations as to quality, insights, and creativity.
  • Custom Content Delivery – Delivering our custom content in a timely manner and assisting our clients with publishing their content or integrating it into their email marketing campaigns, videos, or other projects as desired.

Our Other Professional Content Writing Services

Along with working on custom content projects, we provide other professional content writing services as well. Once you hire us to develop custom content for your business, firm, or institution, you may also be interested in working with us on projects such as:

Custom content creation from Smart Content

  • Website Content Buildouts – We do content buildouts for both new and existing websites. We have experience writing website content in a wide range of industries and have completed content buildouts ranging from dozens to hundreds of pages.
  • Monthly Blog Articles – We write monthly blog articles for both general digital marketing and organic SEO purposes. We offer customized monthly content plans suited to each of our clients’ specific goals and budgets.
  • Monthly Content Updates – Our monthly content plans also include updates to existing content for organic SEO purposes. Regular content updates are essential to an effective organic SEO strategy.
  • Articles for Third-Party Publications – Along with LinkedIn posts, we also write articles for numerous other third-party publications. Our experience includes ghostwriting articles for outlets ranging from Fast Company to the International Business Times.
  • Organic SEO-Focused ContentOrganic SEO is a big part of what we do as a content marketing agency. We have experience managing campaigns of all sizes for clients in the U.S. and around the world.

Why Choose Smart Content for Custom Content Creation?

So, now that you know what we do (and a little bit about how we do it), why should you choose Smart Content for custom content creation? Here are five reasons why we believe we are the right choice for your custom content project:

1. We Are Experienced in Custom Content Creation

Writing custom content is what we do. Our CEO and Lead Writer has been producing custom content for more than a decade, and our SEO Director has a decade of experience as well.

2. We Are Professionals, and We Take a Professional Approach

Our CEO and Lead Writer is a former lawyer and law practice owner, and our SEO Director has devoted his career to helping businesses gain exposure online. We are professionals, and we take a professional approach to custom content creation that prioritizes quality, client service, and results above all else.

3. We Write Custom Content at Highly Competitive Rates

Even though we are a professional content marketing agency, we write custom content at highly competitive rates. We do this by keeping our overhead low, staying organized, and relying on our experience to work efficiently.

4. We Are Passionate About Writing Really Well

Perhaps most importantly, we are passionate about writing really well. We believe in the value of high-quality writing, and we truly believe that we produce some of the best content on the Internet.

5. We Don’t Miss Deadlines, and We Don’t Make Excuses

Finally, we don’t miss deadlines. Period. We don’t like excuses, and we know that you don’t like them, either. Once we set a deadline for your project, you can be sure that you will get your custom content on time.

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