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We Provide Professional Organic SEO Writing Services for Clients Throughout the U.S. and Worldwide

Organic search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important—and most cost-effective—tools for businesses, firms, and institutions to get found online. Today, organic SEO is both part art and part science, and an effective strategy requires both professionally written content and the ability to analyze and exploit trends in the search engines’ data.

We provide professional organic SEO content writing and campaign management services for businesses, firms, and institutions throughout the United States and worldwide. We have experience in a wide range of industries, and we have a proven track record of helping clients acquire and maintain top rankings on Google and other search engines. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

The Importance of Organic Search Engine Optimization for Online Visibility

With social media, pay-per-click advertising, email newsletters, and good old-fashioned word of mouth, how important is organic SEO really? According to a Google survey, more than half of shoppers start their search on the platform. Similarly, Martindale Avvo reports that nearly half of all people looking for a lawyer start their search on Google. The numbers are similar in many other professions. As a result, organic SEO is extremely important—and clear, concise, and SEO-friendly writing is essential for all types of businesses and organizations that want to get found online.

The Importance of Custom-Tailored Content for Organic SEO

Organic SEO and professional content writing go hand-in-hand. When seeking to attract clients or customers online, custom content tailored for search engine optimization is essential.

The search engines use various metrics to look for original content that provides valuable information. They penalize content that is duplicative or that they deem spammy due to low quality and excessive keyword use. As a result, effective organic SEO requires effective content, and this is why it is important to choose a content marketing agency that provides professional and custom-tailored organic SEO writing services.

Of course, your content must also speak to your intended audience. Getting prospective clients or customers to your website is just the first step. Once they’re there, they need to be convinced to make a purchase, submit your contact form, or pick up the phone. Professionally written content bridges the gap between your prospective customers or clients and your goods or services.

Our Organic SEO Content Writing Services

We write all types of organic SEO content for our clients. This includes everything from initial website content buildouts to ongoing onsite and offsite content. All types of content can help advance a business, firm, or institution’s organic SEO strategy, and we produce web pages and articles that are designed to both improve our clients’ search engine rankings and help them convert website visitors at higher rates.

Our organic SEO writing services include:

  • Website Pages – The pages a website needs for organic SEO purposes depend on targeted keywords, keyword competition, and a variety of other factors. We can provide advice regarding the pages your website should include, and then we can do a full website content buildout custom-tailored SEO-optimized content.
  • Monthly Blog Articles – Writing monthly blog articles accounts for the majority of our SEO writing services. Regularly publishing up-to-date and informative content is critical for organic SEO, and it provides ongoing opportunities to engage with prospective clients and customers as well.
  • Monthly Content Updates – Along with monthly blog articles, monthly content updates can also be essential for maintaining and improving businesses, firms, and institutions’ SEO rankings. Our standard monthly content plans include both new articles and updates to existing content.
  • Ghostwriting for Third-Party Sites – Offsite content can provide a significant boost to an onsite organic SEO strategy. In addition to writing onsite pages and blog articles, we also ghostwrite articles for online magazines, news outlets, self-publishing platforms, and other third-party platforms.
  • Organic SEO for Translated Content – Translating and optimizing content for non-English-speaking audiences can generate more website traffic and more clients or customers for all types of businesses. We can translate our SEO-friendly writing to help your business’s website rank in Spanish and a variety of other languages.

As discussed in greater detail below, we take an analytical and managed approach to organic SEO that goes beyond SEO content writing. Our SEO Director oversees all of our clients’ campaigns, and we are routinely reevaluating and honing our clients’ strategies to help them achieve maximum return on investment.

How We Use Custom Content to Improve Our Clients’ Organic Search Rankings

So, how does it work? How do we use custom content to improve our clients’ organic search rankings? Here is what you can expect when you work with Smart Content:

Professional SEO Content Writing

It all hinges on professional SEO content writing. Professional content writing is essential—without it, even a well-designed organic SEO strategy won’t be effective. We have written thousands of SEO-focused pages and articles for businesses throughout the U.S. and in multiple countries around the world.

Geo-Targeted Organic Keywords

Geo-targeted organic keywords are essential for many types of businesses. This includes professional service providers such as law firms and accounting firms, as well as foreign businesses targeting U.S. customers. While geo-targeted keywords are becoming increasingly competitive in many industries and major metropolitan areas, there are still opportunities for all types of businesses to carve out local niches.

Industry-Specific Keywords

Industry-specific keywords can be essential as well. When you engage an agency for organic SEO, it is essential that the agency understands your industry. This will allow for better-targeted keyword research and smarter keyword selection—both of which will help you get the most out of your digital marketing budget.

Audience-Specific Keywords

Audience-specific keywords also provide significant ranking opportunities, and this is a relatively untapped area of organic SEO in many industries. For example, along with using geo-targeted keywords such as “Charleston workers’ compensation lawyer,” a workers’ compensation law firm may also target keywords such as “workers’ compensation for construction workers” and “are nurses eligible for workers’ compensation?”.

Long Tail Keywords and Answers to FAQs

This last example introduces the next aspect of organic SEO: long tail keywords. These could more accurately be described as “key phrases.” Some of the most common types of long tail keywords are answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs). In addition to presenting ranking opportunities in the standard search results, answers to FAQs can achieve placement in Google’s “People Also Ask” section as well.

Onsite and Offsite Organic SEO

We deploy both onsite and offsite organic SEO content writing strategies for our clients. While the substantial majority of the content we write goes on our clients’ websites, we also use publication on third-party platforms to enhance our clients’ domain authority and boost their rankings sitewide.

Organic SEO Campaign Maintenance and Monthly Content

All of our SEO writing services are based on the organic SEO strategies that we design and implement for our clients. We use multiple applications to track the performance of our clients’ strategies and determine their content writing needs. While implementing an effective organic SEO strategy takes time, over time our strategies have consistently proven to drive results for our clients.

Our Process for Writing SEO-Optimized Content

Organic SEO writing services from Smart ContentOur process for writing SEO-optimized content begins with gaining a clear understanding of our client’s target audience. Once we know who you want visiting your website, then we can begin the process of building out a custom-tailored organic SEO strategy. To build your strategy, we will conduct extensive keyword and competitor research, and we will consult with you regarding our findings to further hone where we focus our efforts.

With an initial strategy in place, our next step is to write. Whether we are doing a content buildout or starting with a monthly content plan, we will write custom-tailored content that conveys the right tone and message to your audience while also executing your organic SEO strategy. We will then monitor your strategy’s performance on an ongoing basis, adjusting our keyword focus as necessary as we continue to write new articles and do content updates each month throughout the duration of our relationship. The volume of content we write will be based on the number and competitiveness of your keywords along with your non-SEO digital marketing goals, budgetary constraints, and other relevant factors.

Why Businesses and Firms Trust Smart Content’s Organic SEO Writing Services

There are lots of agencies that offer organic SEO services. So, why do businesses, firms, and institutions trust Smart Content?

  • We Provide SEO Strategy and Content Writing Services – We provide both organic SEO strategy and content writing services. Most agencies outsource one or the other, but we have both of these capabilities in-house.
  • We Focus On Professional SEO-Friendly Writing for Businesses, Firms, and Institutions – Producing professional online content isn’t just what we do—it’s all we do. With our focus on professional SEO-friendly writing for businesses, firms, and institutions, we are able to consistently produce effective content for our clients.
  • We Provide Proactive and Custom-Tailored Keyword Recommendations – By taking an active approach to organic SEO management, we are able to provide proactive and custom-tailored keyword recommendations on an ongoing basis. This helps ensure that our clients’ search engine rankings do not nosedive due to algorithm updates or fall victim to more aggressive competitors.
  • We Meet Deadlines and Prioritize Consistency – Once we set a deadline for providing content to a client, we stick to it. We also prioritize consistency, which is essential when managing an ongoing organic SEO campaign.
  • We Are Agile, Flexible, and Focused on Helping Our Clients Achieve Their Goals – With low overhead and a small but highly-capable team, we are agile and flexible enough to actively manage our clients’ organic SEO campaigns within budgets that are workable for businesses, firms, and institutions of all sizes. We focus on helping our clients achieve their goals, and this focus is what drives us to provide the best organic SEO writing services possible.

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