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We Write Government Website Content and Provide Other Public Sector Copywriting Services

Website content is among governmental entities’ primary means of communicating with taxpayers. To communicate with taxpayers effectively, government website content must be clear and concise, and it must reflect the level of professionalism that taxpayers expect from their governmental institutions. We provide professional government content writing services backed by decades of experience—working directly with local, state, and federal entities as well as with government contractors.

Our background is in writing website content for law firms, including law firms that represent government clients. As a result, we have spent a lot of time on government websites—and we know that some have much better content than others. We focus on helping governmental entities at all levels provide the information taxpayers need in a style and format that are easy to digest—while also helping governmental entities enhance their online visibility when desired.

How We Can Help Your Government Agency or Department (or Your Government Client)

We provide several government content writing services. Whether you are working on a new government agency website, you need to update or enhance existing government website content, or you are interested in any other type of engaging content for taxpayers, we can help. We work directly with governmental entities and with government contractors to provide services including:

Government Website Content Buildouts

We have written content for websites ranging from dozens to hundreds of pages. We are available to write government website content for both new and existing sites, and we can work seamlessly alongside website design companies that have government clients. Our experience includes writing website content on topics such as:

  • Automobile insurance and accident reporting requirements
  • Boater’s insurance and accident reporting requirements
  • Business entity formation and business licensing
  • Consumer protection
  • Disaster response and recovery
  • Government benefit programs
  • Environmental compliance
  • Immigration
  • Investor protection
  • Law enforcement and investigations (local, state, and federal)
  • State and local regulatory and permitting requirements
  • Tax law and compliance (local, state, and federal)
  • Whistleblower protections

Generally speaking, the more information taxpayers can access online, the better. When taxpayers can find the information they need on a government agency website, they are more likely to be satisfied, and the less they will need to interact with local, state, and federal offices and agencies. This helps improve efficiency while ensuring that all taxpayers receive the same information, and this allows governmental authorities to focus on helping taxpayers in other ways.

Blog Articles, News Releases, Alerts, and Other Updates

Blog articles, news releases, alerts, and other updates provide opportunities for government offices and agencies to communicate with taxpayers on an ongoing basis. We write both regularly scheduled blog articles and as-needed news releases and alerts—and, with regard to the latter, we can do so on an urgent basis when necessary.

From seasonal reminders for taxpayers to information on new laws and other announcements, we write all types of content for governmental entities. If you want to publish engaging content for taxpayers that helps further your office or agency’s mission while keeping the public up to date, we can help.

Custom Government Agency Website Content

Along with static website content, blog articles, news releases, alerts, and other updates, we write other types of custom government agency website content as well. From scripts for informational videos to long-form legislative updates and end-of-year reports, we do it all. No matter what type of public sector copyright services your office or agency (or your government client) needs, we encourage you to get in touch to discuss how we can help.

Professional Writing Services for Large-Scale Government Projects

Much of our work involves large-scale project writing. We often work on very large websites, and we have worked with many organizations that have continuously published several blog articles every week. We are primarily interested in large-scale government projects, and we have the capabilities required to handle government website content writing projects of all sizes. If you need a content writer for a large-scale government project, please contact us to discuss our scheduling and availability.

Organic SEO for Government Agencies

Government Content Writing Services from Smart ContentOrganic search engine optimization (SEO) allows government agencies to enhance their online visibility—and thereby increase the value of their website content to taxpayers. In addition to writing government website content, we also provide organic SEO services for government agencies. When performing website content buildouts and writing other online content, we incorporate our clients’ SEO strategies into our content writing to help them rank higher and get a higher percentage of traffic for relevant search terms.

Using organic SEO can be particularly important when government agencies need to ensure that taxpayers receive accurate and up-to-date information—and when there is inaccurate or outdated content on other websites that ranks highly. Our SEO Director has more than a decade of experience, and he relies on this experience to develop and execute targeted and custom-tailored organic SEO strategies.

Content Translation Services for Government Agencies

Governmental entities at the local, state, and federal levels are increasingly publishing their website content in multiple languages. In addition to our custom government content writing and organic SEO services, we provide content translation services as well. We can both translate existing website content and translate new government website content that we write during content buildouts and on an ongoing basis. This includes translating into Spanish and multiple other languages.

Why It’s Important to Use Professional Federal, State, and Local Government Writing Services

Publishing professional website content is crucial for federal, state, and local governmental entities. Taxpayers have high expectations from their representatives and the agencies and departments they help fund—and, in many respects, these high expectations are justified. With this in mind, here are just some of the reasons why governmental entities should rely on professional government content writing services:

  • Providing Accurate Information to Taxpayers – Taxpayers need to be able to find reliable information about governmental matters online. By providing accurate information to taxpayers on their websites, government offices, agencies, and departments can help ensure that their constituents are able to make informed decisions.
  • Providing Information that is Easy to Understand and Digest – To serve its intended purpose, government website content needs to be easy to understand and digest. We focus on writing clear and concise content that is easy for the average taxpayer to digest.
  • Keeping Taxpayers Updated – Blog articles, news alerts, and other forms of content are great ways for governmental entities to keep taxpayers updated. We write updates that our government clients can publicize on social media and that are designed to rank well on the search engines.
  • Avoiding Mistakes that Can Undermine Public Confidence – Mistakes on a government agency website can undermine public confidence. With professional government content writing services, our government clients can be confident that taxpayers view their websites in a positive light.
  • Enhancing Online Visibility – Through organic SEO and pushing out website content on social media, government offices and departments can enhance their online visibility. This helps them connect with taxpayers; and, when taxpayers are able to find the information they need online directly from government sources, this helps to increase their overall satisfaction and confidence as well.

About Smart Content | Engaging Content for Taxpayers and Other Audiences

Smart Content is a professional content marketing agency that works with governmental entities, professional services firms, and other clients. If your government office or agency is in need of website content, or if you are a government contractor in need of government content writing services, here is what you can expect from us:

  • A Professional Approach – Our professional approach to developing high-quality content is a hallmark of our content writing practice. Our CEO and Lead Writer is a former lawyer, and his experience as a lawyer informs our approach to providing professional content writing services.
  • Creative and Custom-Tailored Government Website Content – We write creative and custom-tailored government website content. We write content that is both informative and engaging for taxpayers, and that is designed to be comprehensive without being overbearing.
  • Research-Based Content and Organic SEO Strategies – We thoroughly research all government website content we write, and we take a research-based approach to organic SEO for government agencies as well. This ensures that our content is accurate, up-to-date, and useful for taxpayers.
  • A Relentless Commitment to Meeting Deadlines – We are relentlessly committed to meeting the deadlines we set for our clients. Once we give you a publication date, we will stick to it absent extraordinary circumstances.
  • Transparent Flat-Rate Pricing for Online Content – As with all of our services, we provide our government content writing services at flat rates. Our pricing is fully transparent, and you will know exactly how much your office or agency (or government client) will be paying for our services.

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