Non-Profit Content Writing Services

We Provide Cause-Driven Content Writing Services for Non-Profit Entities Operating in the U.S. and Worldwide

Non-Profit Content Writing Services from Smart ContentNon-profit organizations need effective messaging. When connecting with potential donors, governmental entities, and partners who can help them achieve their missions, non-profit organizations need cause-driven content writing that clearly conveys their commitment, capabilities, and expertise.

We provide non-profit content writing services for tax-exempt entities operating in the United States and worldwide. If your organization needs professionally written online content, we can help. From Mission and Fundraising pages to press releases for non-profits, we write all types of online content, and we provide organic SEO services for non-profit organizations as well.

Why should you choose Smart Content to provide non-profit content writing services for your organization?

  • We Work with Professional and Institutional Organizations – Most of our work involves writing online content for professional and institutional organizations. This allows us to provide professional content for non-profit entities that highlights their missions while speaking to their primary audiences.
  • We Focus on Content Writing and Organic SEO – All we do is write online content and provide organic SEO services. We focus on what we do best, and this allows us to produce professional-quality content that we truly believe is some of the best on the Internet.
  • We Write Compelling Content that Speaks to Our Clients’ Audiences – We put a lot of time and effort into writing compelling content for our non-profit clients. By taking the time to understand our clients’ causes and audiences, we are able to produce custom-tailored content that helps our clients achieve their fundraising and charitable goals.
  • We Understand Non-Profits’ Obligations and Constraints – As a result of our work with professional and institutional organizations, we understand non-profits’ obligations and constraints. We know what to say—and what not to say—when advancing your organization’s mission through its online content.
  • We Provide Budget-Friendly Non-Profit Writing Services – We provide all of our non-profit content writing services at flat rates that are budget-friendly for most organizations. We can work with you to develop a website buildout plan or monthly content plan in advance so that you will know exactly how much your non-profit will be paying for its content.

Our Content Writing Services for Non-Profit Organizations

We write all types of online content for non-profit organizations. We work with non-profits of all sizes that are pursuing a wide range of causes both in the U.S. and around the globe. Our professional content writing services for non-profits include:

Cause-Driven Content Writing for Non-Profit Websites

We provide cause-driven content writing services for non-profit websites. Compelling website content is essential for outlining your organization’s mission to potential donors as well as those who could benefit from your organization’s services. We can write content for non-profit websites ranging from dozens to hundreds of pages, and we can custom-tailor a content plan to your organization’s budget and needs. When writing content for non-profit websites, we typically include pages such as:

  • About Us
  • FAQs
  • Mission and Fundraising Pages
  • Reports
  • Staff Bios
  • White Papers
  • Other Pages Highlighting the Organization’s Cause, Capabilities, and Experience

If you are working with a design firm to build a new website for your non-profit organization, we can work with your design firm during the buildout process. If you need refreshed or additional content for an existing website, we can assist with this as well. Regardless of the scope of your project (and even if you’re not sure what pages your non-profit’s website needs), we invite you to get in touch.

Monthly Blog Articles and Newsletter Content

Much of our work involves writing blog articles and other monthly content for our clients. Blog articles and newsletters are particularly effective marketing tools for non-profit organizations, as they allow non-profits to connect with both new and existing audiences on an ongoing basis. If you are interested in organic SEO to boost your organization’s online visibility, we can incorporate a custom-tailored SEO strategy into your organization’s monthly onsite content as well.

Press Releases for Non-Profits

We also write press releases for non-profits. We have written countless press releases, and we are familiar with the word count, attribution, and formatting requirements for PR Newswire and other outlets. Publishing regular press releases can be a highly effective strategy for non-profits as well, and we can either help you come up with topics to promote in press releases or write press releases on topics of your choosing.

Feature Stories for NGOs

Feature stories provide opportunities for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to further enhance their online presence. Not only can feature stories help NGOs and other non-profits reach new audiences, but they can help with organic SEO as well. We write feature stories for NGOs and other non-profits that our clients can submit to third-party outlets for publication. We have written feature stories for outlets ranging from industry-specific online magazines to major national media outlets.

Other Content for Third-Party Platforms

Along with feature stories for NGOs and other non-profits, we also write other types of content for third-party platforms. Whether you are interested in writing guest posts for another organization’s website or promoting your organization’s mission on LinkedIn or other social media platforms, we can write custom-tailored content that helps to advance your organization’s goals. We have significant experience ghostwriting all types of third-party content.

Organic SEO for Non-Profit Organizations

Executing an effective organic SEO strategy allows non-profit organizations to grow their online audience. This can help with online fundraising (as discussed in greater detail below) as well as increasing exposure among potential partners, beneficiaries, and the public at large. If your non-profit’s website needs more visitors, our SEO Director can develop a custom-tailored optimization strategy, and we can write optimized content that improves your non-profit’s online rankings while appealing to your desired audience.

Content Translation Services for Non-Profits

If your non-profit’s audience includes individuals who do not speak English as their first language, we can provide content translation services as well. Once we write your organization’s custom online content, we can translate it into Spanish and several other languages. To learn more about our content translation services for non-profits, please contact us so that we can discuss specifically what you have in mind for your organization.

Why is Professional Content Writing Important for Non-Profit Organizations?

Why should you engage a professional content writing agency to write for your non-profit organization? Today, well-written online content is more important than ever. According to a study published in the Philanthropy News Digest, online giving is on the rise. More people are giving to non-profits online than ever before, and this trend is only going to continue in the future.

Donors are also paying more attention to where they contribute. With many non-profit organizations publishing extensive amounts of information online, discerning donors now expect to be able to find the information they need to make informed decisions. As a result, non-profits that don’t have compelling website content—and that don’t harness the power of organic SEO—are missing out, and they will only fall further behind as other organizations continue to invest in enhancing their online presence. Consider this:

“Based on fundraising revenue data totaling $40.7 billion from 8,833 nonprofit organizations . . . 13 percent of all funds raised came from online donations, the largest share as a percentage of total giving. . . . [L]arge organizations (total annual fundraising of more than $10 million) report[ed] an average increase of 15.0 percent, midsize nonprofits (annual fundraising between $1 million and $10 million) report[ed] an average increase of 24.9 percent, and small nonprofits (annual fundraising of less than $1 million) report[ed] an average increase of 22.3 percent [in online donations].”

By engaging a professional content writer to work with your organization, you can leverage your organization’s website to its full potential. You can also ensure that you are getting the most value possible out of your organization’s press releases, feature stories, white papers, and other online content. By publishing engaging content that anticipates readers’ questions and provides an in-depth look at your organization’s ongoing efforts to advance its cause, you can generate more donations and more press to help your organization continue moving forward.

How We Write Compelling Cause-Driven Content for Non-Profits

While many aspects of content development for non-profit entities are similar to those for other professional and institutional organizations, there are some unique aspects to non-profit content writing as well. For example, when we write custom content for your non-profit, we will emphasize:

  • Telling Your Non-Profit’s Story – In the non-profit sector, storytelling is key to effective online content. We will focus on telling your non-profit’s story in a way that resonates with your desired audience.
  • Highlighting Your Organization’s Experience – Potential donors, partners, and other parties want to know that your organization is capable of fulfilling its promises and achieving its mission. We will demonstrate your organization’s capabilities by highlighting its experience, among other means.
  • Emphasizing the Importance of Your Organization’s Mission – We will also emphasize the importance of your organization’s mission in its online content. Too often, this goes overlooked, and non-profits fail to engage prospective donors and partners as a result.
  • Speaking in an Authentic Voice – Authenticity is key when fundraising online. All content on a non-profit’s website (and in its offsite publications) needs to speak in an authentic voice, especially content that is written for potential donors.
  • Leaving a Lasting Impression – Your non-profit’s online content should leave a lasting impression. By focusing on telling a compelling story in an authentic voice, we write content that helps readers remember your organization and connect with its mission—and that keeps them following along for the future.

Inquire About Our Non-Profit Content Writing Services

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help your non-profit advance its mission with compelling and professionally written online content, we invite you to get in touch. Please contact us online to get started today.