Content Translation Services

We Provide Content Translation Services for Businesses, Firms, and Institutions in the U.S. and Other Countries

Translating your business, firm, or organization’s website content provides access to a completely new audience. With translated content, you can reach new potential customers or clients—and, with professional content translation services, you can be confident that your website still sends the right message and sets the right tone.

We provide foreign language translation services for businesses, firms, and organizations in the United States and abroad. If you want to target non-English speaking customers or clients in the U.S., we can help. If you own a business or firm in another country and want to target the U.S. market with professionally written English-language content, we can help with this also. Website content translation can open up an entirely new world of business opportunities; and, if your business or firm is currently missing out on an entire market segment, translation may be the next step in its revenue growth.

Our Foreign Language Translation Services for Website Content

To provide professional translation services for our clients’ website content, we engage experienced translators on a contract basis. Once you decide to move forward with a content translation project, we will engage a translator to get the process started. We can provide foreign language translation services for both existing and new content—including blog articles and content updates that we write for your business or firm on a monthly basis.

Our foreign language translation services for website content include:

English to Spanish Translation

Approximately 13 percent of the U.S. population speaks Spanish at home. This equates to more than 40 million individuals who do their online searching (or would prefer to do their online searching) in Spanish. If your business or firm’s website hasn’t been translated, this is a lot of potential customers or clients who are almost certainly going to go elsewhere.

English-to-Spanish translation is becoming increasingly common in the retail industry as well as many professional services sectors. Law firms, accounting firms, consulting firms, and healthcare providers can all benefit greatly from having a Spanish-language content on their websites. Spanish-language website content can help government institutions, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations achieve their goals as well. If you are interested in having Spanish-language version of your website, it is important to work with a reputable and professional content translation services provider. At Smart Content, we take the same approach to translation that we take to all of our other professional content writing services.

English to French Translation

While not nearly as widely spoken as Spanish, French is still spoken in millions of households across the United States. We provide English-to-French translation services for all types of businesses as well. If your business or firm is located in an area with a significant percentage of French-speaking residents, or if you are interested in targeting French-speaking customers or clients across the United States, we can provide professional content translation services to expand your website’s audience.

Translation to Other Languages

Along with English-to-Spanish and English-to-French translation services, we provide professional content translation services for other languages as well. If you are interested in English-language content and translated content for your business, firm, or organization’s website, we encourage you to contact us to discuss what we can do to help. We write and provide translation services for all types of website content—from product and service pages to bios, FAQs, and monthly blog articles.

Translating Foreign-Language Website Content Into English

We provide English translation and English-language content writing services for clients around the world seeking to target the U.S. market. Whenever possible, we use translation software to obtain a base version of your website’s content in English, and then we rewrite the translated version to meet our professional content writing standards. When necessary, we work with translators as well.

We are able to provide foreign language translation services including (but not limited to):

  • Spanish to English
  • French to English
  • Italian to English
  • Cantonese to English
  • Mandarin to English
  • Arabic to English
  • Tagalog to English
  • Filipino to English
  • Vietnamese to English

Once we have your website’s content translated into English, a professional content writer will review and revise the translated content so that it has the correct cadence, style, grammar, and punctuation. If we find that it would be more cost-effective to write English-language content for your website from scratch (which sometimes happens), we will let you know, and we will develop a content plan and schedule to write an English-language version of your site. The pages we write will either be based on your existing site architecture or a revised site architecture that we believe is more well-suited to your U.S. marketing goals.

Translating Your Business’s Website Content: Is It Worth It?

Foreign language translation services from Smart ContentIs translating your website’s content worth it? While we can’t answer this definitively, we can say with confidence that lots of businesses, firms, and organizations publish their website content in multiple languages. Translating your website’s content can provide access to tens of millions of new potential visitors—expanding your audience and opening up new markets that many of your competitors likely aren’t targeting.

While English-to-Spanish translation provides the most opportunities in terms of pure numbers, translating website content into other languages can be particularly effective in certain geographic areas as well as certain product and service niches. This report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) sheds light on some of the opportunities that are there for businesses, firms, and organizations that invest in professional website content translation services.

We Can Write and Translate Your Website Content

Beyond content translation services, the majority of what we do involves writing custom English-language content for businesses, firms, and organizations throughout the U.S. and around the world. For many of our clients, we pair our content writing services with organic SEO. In addition to providing translation services, we can also provide:

  • English-language static website content
  • English-language monthly blog articles and content updates
  • English-language articles for third-party publications
  • All other types of English-language content

Once we write your digital marketing content in English, we can translate it to expand its reach. We can provide content translation services as a one-time project (i.e., for a website content buildout) or on an ongoing basis. If you are interested in our professional content writing and content translation services, we encourage you to contact us to discuss the details of your project.

FAQs: Using a Professional Translation Service for Your Website

What languages should I include on my business or firm’s website?

The answer to this question depends on your business or firm’s target audience. For many businesses in the U.S., Spanish-language website content can prove to be extremely valuable. For foreign businesses targeting the U.S. market, professionally written English-language content is essential. Translating website content into other languages can open up new marketing opportunities as well—and it is ultimately up to you to decide who you want visiting your website.

How do I find a professional translator for my business or firm’s website?

Finding a professional translator who can produce a non-English version of your business or firm’s website is not easy. At Smart Content, we rely on a group of talented translators who have significant experience and a long track record of providing accurate, professional, and culturally sensitive content translation services.

Can you translate my firm’s website content and blog articles into Spanish?

Yes, if you own a law firm or any other type of professional services firm, we can translate your firm’s website content and blog articles into Spanish. We provide English-to-Spanish translation services for all types of businesses, and we have particular experience working with law firms and other professional service providers.

Do you have professional content translators on staff?

Currently, we engage independent translators on a contract basis for our clients that need professional content translation services. When translating foreign-language content into English for clients outside of the United States, we either work with a translator or rely on translation software depending on the complexity of our client’s content. In both cases, a professional content writer at Smart Content reviews and revises all translated content to ensure that it meets our high quality standards.

What is the process for having my website’s content translated?

As with all of our professional content services, we strive to make the process of translating our clients’ website content as straightforward as possible. If you already have content that you want translated (whether into or out of English), we can start the translation process right away. If you are having your content translated into English, we will review and revise the translated version so that it meets our standards. If you need new English-language and foreign-language content for your business, firm, or organization’s website, we will write the English-language version first and then get it translated promptly.

Inquire About Our Content Translation Services

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