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We Provide Professional Legal Website Content Writing, Organic SEO, and Other Content Marketing Services for Law Firms and Other Clients

Law firms and other businesses in the legal industry need compelling website content. Whether your clients are individuals or organizations, your website needs professional legal website content that quickly and convincingly conveys your capabilities and expertise.

For many law firms (and many businesses that want to work with law firms), an effective organic SEO campaign is also essential. The Internet has been the most popular way to find a lawyer for a decade. When lawyers need vendors, experts, and other service providers, their first course of action is often to search online as well. As a result, to be effective, your legal website content must both: (i) get visitors to your website; and, (ii) convince these visitors to submit your contact form or pick up the phone.

Legal Website Content is Our Bread and Butter

Writing legal website content is our bread and butter. Our CEO and Lead Writer is a non-practicing lawyer who started writing legal content for his own website as a solo practitioner in 2010. He left an Assistant General Counsel position at a publicly traded company to start writing full-time in 2015, and since then he has written thousands of pages and articles for law firms and other businesses in the legal industry.

At Smart Content, we have written legal website content for law firms in just about every area of practice and the majority of states. We have also written website content for e-discovery vendors, lead-generation websites, and a variety of other businesses in the legal industry. Our SEO Director got his start in the legal industry as well; and, as a result, we are well-versed in what it takes to both attract visitors to legal websites and convert these visitors to prospective clients.

Professional Legal Content Writing and Legal SEO Services

We provide professional legal website content writing and legal SEO services to law firms and other businesses throughout the United States and worldwide. Whether you want to use organic SEO to grow your client base or you simply need professionally written content that sends the right message to your clients and referral sources, our legal content writers can produce content that meets your needs.

Our content marketing services for law firms and other businesses in the legal industry include:

Content Buildouts for Legal Websites

We do content buildouts for new and existing websites. Whether you are opening a new law firm or seeking to grow your firm or business’s web presence, we can provide custom-tailored and professionally written SEO or non-SEO website content. We write all types of pages, including:

  • Home Page - Your home page is your first (and potentially last) chance to make a good first impression. As a result, it needs to be clear, concise and compelling. We put a significant amount of time and effort into writing home page content for our clients.
  • Practice Areas - Practice area pages let potential clients know your capabilities. If prospects aren't sure that you can help, they are going to look for someone else who can. As a result, practice area pages are among the most important pages on nearly all law firm websites.
  • Attorney and Staff Bios - Attorney and staff bios tend to be especially important in certain practice areas. These include certain areas of consumer practice where potential clients want to know who will be helping them (i.e., family law), as well as many corporate practice areas where relevant experience is among prospective clients' top considerations.
  • About Us - About Us pages often get a surprising amount of traffic. From your firm's history to its community involvement, there are several aspects that we can highlight in our legal content writing to help your firm stand out from the crowd.
  • FAQs - FAQs provide bite-sized snippets of information that are easy (and quick) to digest. They can also be effective ways for law firms and other businesses to demonstrate their expertise. Carefully researched FAQs can have significant organic SEO value as well--and, as a result, they should be a part of any law content writing strategy.
  • Careers and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) - Along with client-focused legal website content, we write all other types of content as well. This includes (but is not limited to) Careers pages and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) pages. While many law firms do not give these pages the attention they deserve, they can be real assets when it comes to attracting top summer associates and lateral hires.
  • Geo-Targeted Pages for Organic SEO - For our organic SEO clients, our legal content writers will often write lots of geo-targeted pages. Frequently, these are practice area pages that target a specific town or city. We can help you decide which locations to target, and then we can execute a content-based organic SEO strategy focused on helping your firm climb the organic search rankings.

We can either work directly with you or work with your website design firm; and, before we start writing, we will put together a comprehensive content plan based on your goals for your website and your organic SEO needs. We have written content for law firm websites and other legal websites ranging from dozens to hundreds of pages.

Monthly Blog Articles

Monthly blog articles are key for organic SEO, and they account for a substantial portion of our legal content writing. We write monthly content for law firms and other businesses in the legal industry at flat rates, and we can tailor a monthly plan to your firm or business’s specific needs. We can also adjust your monthly plan over time to address increased competition and changes in your firm or business’s content marketing goals.

Articles for Third-Party Publication

We regularly ghostwrite articles for lawyers for publication on JDSupra, National Law Review,, and a variety of other third-party publications. Writing for third-party publications can provide a boost to SEO while also enhancing your firm or business’s visibility among potential clients and referral sources.

Press Releases and Other Content

In addition to website content and online articles, our legal content writers also write press releases, white papers, e-books, and many other types of content for law firms and other businesses in the legal industry. Press releases provide an opportunity to announce new hires and other developments at your firm or business, while other types of content can be used for a variety of digital marketing purposes.

Organic SEO

For many of our clients, we pair our professional legal content writing services with active organic SEO management. The legal industry is highly competitive when it comes to search rankings (with some practice areas being especially competitive), and firms and other businesses must actively manage their organic SEO campaigns to achieve (and maintain) top placement. We rely on more than a decade of experience providing legal SEO services to develop and execute effective strategies for our clients.


Translating your law firm’s website content into other languages offers the opportunity to target relatively untapped markets. For example, only an extremely small percentage of law firms have Spanish-language content on their websites, yet more than 10 percent of the U.S. population speaks Spanish as a first language. In addition to writing English-language content for your law firm’s website, we can translate your firm’s content into other languages as well.

Legal Website Content Writing for Law Firms

We have more than a decade of experience writing legal website content for law firms. As noted above, we have written for law firms in virtually all areas of practice. This includes writing practice area pages and attorney blog articles covering topics in the areas of:

  • Bankruptcy (Individual and Corporate)
  • Business and Corporate Law
  • Cannabis and Hemp Law
  • Criminal Defense (State and Federal)
  • Cryptocurrency Law
  • Employment Law
  • Estate Planning and Administration
  • Family Law
  • Franchise Law
  • Healthcare Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Investment Fraud
  • Personal Injury and Wrongful Death
  • Real Estate Law (Residential and Commercial)
  • Tax Law
  • Workers’ Compensation

Most website design firms do not have in-house writers who are experienced in content writing for law firms. This includes many that advertise their service to law firms. If your law firm is working with a design agency, we can write the content for your firm’s site as you go through the design process. We can provide ongoing legal content writing services as well.

We can also work alongside public relations firms and other digital marketing agencies that have advertising savvy but lack the background required to write high-quality law firm copywriting services. We focus on what we do best, and that is writing professional legal website content and executing effective organic SEO strategies. If your agency works with law firms (or is interested in working with law firms), our legal content writers can collaborate on your next client project.

Legal Website Content Writing for Other Businesses

In addition to providing legal website content writing and legal SEO services to law firms, we also work with a wide range of other businesses in the legal industry. If your target clients are lawyers and law firms, you need professionally written content that speaks their language. You also need content that helps your business rank highly in the increasingly competitive legal market. We can provide legal content writing and organic SEO services for businesses including:

  • E-Discovery Vendors and Consultants
  • Expert Witnesses and Consultants
  • Law Firm Ranking Websites
  • Legal A.I. Vendors and Consultants
  • Legal Information Websites
  • Legal Lead Generation and Referral Websites
  • Litigation Support Vendors and Consultants

Don’t see your business listed? We can still help you. Our background is in legal practice and legal marketing, and we can use our experience working with law firms to write content that clearly communicates your business’s value proposition, capabilities, and expertise.

U.S. Content Writing and SEO for Law Firms and Other Businesses Outside of the United States

Legal Website Content Writing and Other Law Firm Copywriting Services from Smart ContentWe have experience writing website content (including blog articles) for law firms and other businesses outside of the United States. If you are interested in attracting U.S. clients or working with U.S. law firms as a vendor or affiliated counsel in your country, we can provide written content that professionally conveys your cross-border offerings and capabilities.

Our experience writing U.S.-focused content for international law firms includes working with firms in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America—and we are interested in working with clients in Africa and Australia. Whether you need to ensure that your firm or business’s English-language website reflects your firm's professionalism or you are interested in legal SEO services targeting the U.S. legal market, we can help.

FAQs: Hiring a Professional Writer for Legal Website Content (or Third-Party Website Content)

Is It Okay to Engage a Content Marketing Agency to Write Attorney Blog Articles for My Law Firm?

Yes, it is fine to have a content marketing agency write attorney blog articles for your law firm. Lots of law firms do it—and we mean lots. We have written blog articles for law firms in most U.S. states and virtually all practice areas, and much of what we do involves writing articles for law firms on a monthly basis.

How Do I Get Professionally Written Content for My Law Firm’s Website?

Getting professionally written content for your law firm’s website isn’t easy. While there are lots of website design firms that offer content writing services, very few have writers with legal backgrounds. Experience is undoubtedly the most important factor, and this includes not only legal content writing experience, but also experience in legal practice. At Smart Content, our CEO and Lead Writer is a former lawyer who has more than a decade of experience in law firm copywriting.

How Do I Find a Content Marketing Agency with Legal Content Writing Experience?

At Smart Content, we have over a decade of experience providing content marketing for law firms and other businesses. Our CEO and Lead Writer has written thousands of pages and articles on legal practice areas and related topics. As a result, we understand the ethical considerations that apply to law content writing, and we know what types of content speak to different types of clients.

How Many Blog Articles Should Law Firms Publish Each Month?

The number of blog articles law firms should publish each month depends on their marketing goals and organic SEO needs. Minimally, we write two 1,000-word articles per month for our clients. But, for many law firms we write much more—with some firms publishing in excess of 10 articles per month to enhance and maintain their organic SEO rankings.

How Do I Get Articles Published on JDSupra, National Law Review,, and Other Legal Outlets?

Publishing articles on JDSupra, National Law Review,, and other legal outlets is a great way to gain exposure and boost your law firm’s organic SEO. If you are interested in leveraging one (or more) of these publications to grow your firm’s online presence, we can help you get started. Many law firms have legal content writers ghostwrite these articles for their lawyers; and, along with writing content for law firm websites, we write content for these (and other) third-party platforms as well.

Learn More About Our Legal Content Writing Services

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