Ghostwriting Services for Third-Party Content

Need a Professional Ghostwriter for Your Business? We Provide Ghostwriting Services for Online Magazines, News Outlets, and Self-Publishing Platforms

Writing articles for online magazines, news outlets, and self-publishing platforms is one of the best ways to get your name out there online. In addition to creating awareness, publishing on third-party platforms also helps build credibility, and it can help establish you as an authority in your industry. But, this assumes that you have the time and ability to write really well. Most business owners and professionals don’t—because they are focusing their efforts elsewhere—so they hire a professional ghostwriter to help them make the right impression and grow their business.

Engaging a professional to provide content ghostwriting services can also help with organic search engine optimization (SEO). A well-written article published on a third-party platform that includes a link to your business or firm’s website can establish authority from the search engines’ perspective as well—and this can lead to a sitewide increase in rankings. Off-site SEO is an underutilized tool, and businesses and firms that use it can achieve measurable results.

Professional Ghostwriting Services for Businesses and Professionals

We have written articles for business executives, lawyers, and other professionals that have been published by an extremely wide range of third-party outlets. Whether you have an opportunity to publish an article in an industry publication, you are interested in writing for a site like or, you want to publish articles on LinkedIn, or you are purely interested in using third-party content to enhance your firm or business’s search rankings, we can provide professionally written content that conveys your expertise, speaks to your desired audience, and/or provides the organic SEO benefits you desire.

Our experience includes writing articles for the following publications, among others:


This is in addition to writing for self-publication platforms such as LinkedIn, Medium, Substack, and Vocal. We frequently include articles for self-publishing platforms as part of our ongoing monthly content for businesses, firms, and institutions. We can determine when it makes sense to publish articles on third-party platforms for organic SEO purposes; and, if you’d like, we can include third-party articles as part of your organization’s monthly content plan.

Why Should Businesses Publish Content on Third-Party Platforms?

We get this question a lot. When you are trying to generate as much web traffic as possible for your business, firm, or institution, why wouldn’t you publish all of your content on its website? Why would you give up your content (and your insights and expertise) to a third-party platform?

As we mentioned above, publishing content on third-party platforms serves three primary purposes for organizations, business executives, professionals, and other thought leaders. By hiring a professional ghostwriter to produce articles for third-party publications, you can:

Expand Your Audience

Writing articles for online magazines, news outlets, industry publications, and other third-party platforms allows you to expand your audience. Some of these sites get millions of visitors per week—and this offers a significant opportunity to demonstrate your capabilities, expertise, and thought leadership to people who wouldn’t know about you otherwise. On self-publishing sites like LinkedIn, effectively using hashtags and other means of promotion can help you connect with new potential customers, clients, business partners, and referral sources.

Build Your Authority

Being able to say that you’ve had articles published in industry media, that you’ve written for sites like, or that you’ve been featured by major news outlets can build your authority as an executive, professional, or thought leader. Having articles published by third-party outlets also serves as a means of verification for prospective customers, clients, business partners, and referral sources who might not be familiar with your personal background or your business, firm, or institution.

Enhance Your Website’s Organic SEO

Google and other search engines consider websites’ authority scores when determining their rankings. Links from reputable and highly trafficked media outlets will increase a website’s authority score—and this will in turn increase its rankings sitewide. As a result, having articles ghostwritten for third-party publications can be a highly effective organic SEO tool as well. We routinely incorporate off-site articles into our clients’ organic SEO strategies.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Ghostwriter for Your Business?

But, why hire a professional ghostwriter for your business? Why not write articles for third-party publications yourself?

This is certainly an option, and some people do write their own content. Heck, we write all of our own stuff, both for this site and for other outlets. But, we are also professional writers and organic SEO consultants. Writing for the web isn’t just what we do, it’s all we do—just like you probably spend all of your time doing something else.

A professional ghostwriter can say what you want to say, and can do so clearly, concisely, and with your target audience in mind. A professional ghostwriter can also write in your voice (or your desired voice) while meeting the specific third-party publication’s submission requirements and giving due consideration to your organization’s organic SEO strategy. At Smart Content, we put a lot of time and effort into the third-party articles we ghostwrite for businesses and other clients, and we take pride in producing what we truly believe is some of the best content on the Internet.

Why Should You Choose Smart Content to Provide Ghostwriting Services for Your Business?

So, now that you know why it makes sense to hire a professional ghostwriter, why should you choose Smart Content to ghostwrite for your business (or for you personally)? Here’s what we offer:

  • Professional ghostwriting services from Smart ContentOur CEO and Lead Writer has more than a decade of experience writing and ghostwriting articles for outlets including, The National Law Review, and Yahoo News.
  • Our SEO Director has a decade of experience incorporating off-site articles into clients’ organic SEO strategies.
  • We are familiar with the submission guidelines of many of the most-common third-party article submission platforms for lawyers and other professionals, and we have written some of the most popular articles on platforms like JDSupra and The National Law Review (as confirmed by these publications).
  • We provide content ghostwriting services for businesses and individuals on all topics—and, in doing so, our writers rely on their past experience, their research skills, and our clients’ insights to develop original and compelling articles.
  • We meet deadlines. Whether you have an internal or external submission deadline, we will commit to delivering your professionally ghostwritten content when you need it.

Here is what you can expect when you choose Smart Content to provide content ghostwriting services for you or your business:

  • Topic Selection – We can come up with topics or work with you to craft a topic based on the specific area of your business you want to promote or the specific expertise or capabilities you want to demonstrate.
  • Professional Ghostwriting – We provide professional content ghostwriting for businesses and individuals backed by extensive content writing experience in a broad range of industries. Your ghostwritten articles will be clear, concise, compelling, and written to help you achieve your specific goals.
  • Integration with Your Business or Firm’s Content Marketing and Organic SEO Strategy – If you are working with us for organic SEO, we will integrate your third-party content into your business, firm, or institution’s overall content marketing and organic SEO strategy to help ensure maximum return on investment.

FAQs: Hiring a Professional Ghostwriter for Your Business (or Yourself)

Who Hires a Professional Ghostwriter?

Lots of people and businesses hire professional ghostwriters to produce articles and other content on their behalf. We have ghostwritten articles for lawyers, business executives, and companies in a wide range of industries. If you are thinking about using a ghostwriter for a project, you can be almost certain that other people have used (and are currently using) ghostwriters as well.

Do I Need to Disclose that I Used a Professional Ghostwriter?

No, you do not need to disclose that you used a professional ghostwriter. When we ghostwrite for our clients, we are conveying their ideas in the way that they want to communicate them. As a result, when you publish a ghostwritten article or other ghostwritten content from Smart Content, you will have played an active role in the writing process even if it wasn’t you who put your fingers to the keyboard.

How Much Does Business Content Ghostwriting Cost?

Our business content ghostwriting fees are based on the size of the project, and they align with our fees for the other types of content we write. We do not charge more simply because your content is going on a platform other than your business, firm, or institution’s website. We keep our overhead low; so, even with our experience and capabilities, our rates are still more than competitive with most other content marketing agencies.

Is Business Content Ghostwriting Worth It?

Yes, hiring a business content ghostwriter to produce articles for third-party publications allows you to build your audience, credibility, and authority (perhaps while also enhancing your website’s organic SEO); and, as a result, it is well worth it. Again, lots of businesses and professionals do it. If you want to publish articles but don’t have the time or the confidence in your writing ability, then hiring a professional ghostwriter is your path forward.

How Do I Find the Right Professional Ghostwriter for My Business?

When hiring a professional ghostwriter for your business, it is important to choose a writer who has both significant content writing experience and knowledge of your industry. At Smart Content, we have extensive experience writing both website content and third-party content for clients ranging from professional services firms to retailers. We know when we can—and can’t—produce ghostwritten content to the level businesses expect, and we only take projects when we are confident in our ability to write on a subject authoritatively.

Inquire About Our Ghostwriting Services for Third-Party Content

If you are interested in our ghostwriting services—either in isolation or in conjunction with our other content writing services—we invite you to get in touch. Please contact us online to get started today.