Website Content for Businesses in All Industries

We Write Content for All Types of Businesses in the U.S. and Worldwide

We write website content for businesses in all industries throughout the United States and around the world. While we have particular experience in the industries listed below, we have written website content for many other types of businesses as well. Whether you are starting or growing a business located in the United States or your business in another country is seeking to attract U.S. clients or customers, we can provide custom-tailored content that helps drive your business forward.

In addition to writing website content for businesses, we also write content for academic and governmental institutions. Our professional approach to content writing is well-suited to institutional clients, and we have the capabilities required to handle large-scale projects efficiently.

Examples of the Industries We Serve

The following are examples of the industries we serve. But, we write website content for businesses in a wide range of other industries as well. Regardless of the products or services your company, firm, or institution provides, we encourage you to contact us to discuss how we can help.

Accounting and Wealth Management

While organic search engine optimization (SEO) for accounting and wealth management is becoming increasingly competitive, firms in these industries still have an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. We write content for accounting firms, brokerage firms, investment advisory firms, and wealth management firms targeting both individual and institutional clients.

Even if your firm relies primarily on referrals and isn’t interested in SEO, professionally written website content is still extremely important. Well-written posts on LinkedIn and other platforms (and in email newsletters) can help generate referrals as well. We can provide custom-tailored content that reflects your firm’s ethos and speaks to its target audience.


We write website content, blog articles, and other custom content for consulting firms of all sizes. We work with business consulting firms, government consulting firms, healthcare consulting firms, HR consulting firms, legal consulting firms, and cybersecurity and IT consulting firms, among many others. If you want to clearly communicate your firm's capabilities and stand out from the competition, our professional content writing services can help you get the clients you want.


We are interested in working with private schools, school districts, colleges, universities, and other education providers to develop robust and engaging websites for their institutions. From admissions to alumni connections, we can write education content that helps to highlight and promote all aspects of your institution’s operations. We can assist with developing staff bios, recruitment and equal opportunity pages, and other essential website content as well, and we can also draft content for your institution’s blogs, newsletters, and other outreach outlets. We also work with app developers, test preparation companies, and other education companies.


We are able to work with governmental entities, both directly and as subcontractors, to develop, enhance, and revitalize their websites. When writing for governmental clients, we rely on the same custom-tailored and research-based approach that we use when writing website content for businesses. If it is time for your office or agency to bring its website up to date—or if you need a small business subcontractor for a government contract—we can provide clear and engaging content. We are able to work with governmental entities at the local, state, and federal levels and with government contractors nationwide.


Legal content writing is our bread and butter. Our CEO and Lead Writer is a former corporate lawyer who has been writing legal website content full-time since 2016. We have extensive experience writing content for law firms—including law firms in most states as well as several countries around the world—including all types of website pages, blog articles, and articles for publication on JDSupra, National Law Review, and other third-party outlets.

Our SEO Director also has particular experience in the legal industry. He has been providing legal SEO services for a decade, and he has played a central role in helping numerous law firms achieve a substantial return on their content marketing investment. If you own or manage a law firm, Smart Content is the right choice to develop and execute your firm’s content marketing strategy.


We write website content for businesses in the medical industry including private doctors’ offices, hospitals, healthcare systems, pharmacies, clinics, durable medical equipment (DME) companies, referral providers, and online information portals. Along with website content that highlights the products and services our medical clients provide, we also write informative articles and resources, staff bios, FAQs, and all of the other types of content that medical companies need to help their patients or customers make informed decisions.

When writing medical content, we take a research-intensive approach. Publishing inaccurate information is not an option. While most of the medical information you’ll find online is dense and difficult to digest, we focus on making all of our content reader-friendly—while also targeting our clients’ SEO goals when desired.


We are interested in working with non-profit entities pursuing a variety of causes. We can work with not-for-profit entities to execute online content projects of all sizes, and we can write content ranging from mission and fundraising pages to blog articles, press releases, and feature stories and interviews for publication by third-party platforms. Our pricing works with most not-for-profit entities’ budgets, and we can work with you to develop a publication schedule that meets your organization’s needs.

Website Content for Foreign Businesses Targeting the U.S. Market

In addition to writing website content for businesses in the United States, we also write content for foreign businesses that are targeting the U.S. market. From law firms to retailers, targeting the U.S. market presents significant opportunities for a wide range of businesses.

We write English-language website content and articles for international firms and businesses in all of the industries listed above, among others. In doing so, we rely on our extensive content writing and organic SEO experience to craft content that speaks to our foreign clients’ target audiences in America while also helping them generate website traffic from Google.

While we often work with international firms and companies directly, we can also work with their website design agencies. Whether your business has an established website but needs new or improved written content, you are building a new website targeting U.S. clients or customers, or you own a design agency that works with clients outside of the United States, we invite you to contact us to discuss our content writing services for foreign businesses.

Working with Smart Content

Interested in working with us? Here is what you can expect when you choose Smart Content to write for your business or institution:

  • Custom-Tailored Written Content – All of the website content we write for businesses is custom-tailored to our clients’ audiences, goals, and needs. Our content is 100% human-written by highly experienced professional content writers.
  • In-Depth Research – We conduct in-depth research for both content writing and organic SEO purposes. Your business’s or institution’s content will be well-researched, accurate, and designed to increase both traffic and conversions.
  • A Fully Managed Approach – We take a fully managed approach to meeting our clients’ content-related needs. With clear strategies, publication schedules, and pricing, we simplify the process of effective content marketing.
  • Recommendations Based on Decades of Experience – Our content writing and organic SEO recommendations are based on our CEO’s and SEO Directors’ decades of collective experience. This includes experience writing and performing SEO for clients in a wide range of industries in the U.S. and abroad.
  • Timely Content Delivery – We prioritize timeliness in everything we do. We set deadlines and stick to them so that you know when you can expect your next batch of pages or articles from Smart Content.

Learn About Our Experience Writing Website Content for Businesses in Your Industry

If you are interested in learning more about our experience or our content writing services for businesses, we invite you to get in touch. Send us a message online to get started today.