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Professional Education Content Writers for Public and Private Academic Institutions and Education Companies

We provide education content writing services for public and private institutions throughout the United States and in other countries around the world. Our education content writers also work with companies in the education space, including education software developers, exam preparation companies, and a variety of other businesses. If you need professionally written content for your institution or business’s website, we can work with you to develop a custom content plan that meets your needs and fits with your budget.

From higher education writing for colleges and universities to private school content creation for Montessori schools and other primary and secondary schools, we provide a wide range of education content writing services. Whether your institution or business is working on a new website, you are expanding an existing website, or you are interested in regular blog articles to increase engagement, we can help. Our CEO and Lead Writer is a former lawyer with over a decade of professional content writing experience, and we take a professional approach to content writing that is particularly well-suited to the academic environment.

Our Content Writing Services for Educational Institutions and Companies

So, how can we help you? Our content writing services for educational institutions and companies include:

Public College and University Content Writing

Our professional education content writers are available to write all types of online content for public colleges and universities. At Smart Content, we assist public higher education institutions with projects including:

  • College and University Website Content – We write website content for public colleges and universities. As with all of our content, our college website copy is designed to be clear and engaging, and each page we write is composed to serve a very specific purpose. Whether you need website content for your entire institution or an individual department, we can assist.
  • Admissions Content Writing – Admissions content writing must clearly and quickly communicate how your college or university stands out from the crowd. As college admissions becomes increasingly competitive, effective admissions content writing becomes increasingly important. We write web pages and blog articles that are designed to help prospective students feel welcome, feel a connection, and feel like they want to apply.
  • Blog Articles – Blog articles provide an opportunity to engage with a wide variety of audiences. This includes current and prospective students, current and prospective faculty, alumni and donors, and the public at large. We write articles for education provider blogs on topics ranging from notable research developments to events on campus—including sports events, guest speaker presentations, commencement, and more.
  • Alumni Engagement Articles – Articles focused on alumni engagement help foster long-term relationships with public colleges and universities while providing opportunities for new connections between recent graduates and alumni in the professional world. They can assist with fundraising as well, as alumni who remain engaged are more likely to continue donating over time.
  • Email Newsletter Content – Our professional education writers also assist public colleges and universities with their email newsletters. We can write weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly newsletter content that helps to further enhance engagement and fundraising.

From downloadable guides to scripts for admissions and fundraising videos, we provide a variety of other professional content writing services for public academic institutions as well. If you have a specific project in mind, we invite you to get in touch to talk about how we can help.

Private College and University Content Writing

We provide the same professional education content writing services for private colleges and universities that we provide for public academic institutions. As admissions and hiring are more competitive than ever—and as prospective students and faculty now primarily do their research online—clear, engaging, and compelling website content is essential.

We write all types of content for new and existing website buildouts, and we write blog articles and newsletter content for private colleges and universities on an ongoing basis. Our private school content creation services help colleges and universities expand their online reach—and this expanded reach offers new opportunities for fundraising, outreach, and engagement.

Content Creation for Private Schools

In addition to writing for colleges and universities, we also provide professional education content writing services for private primary and secondary schools. Along with traditional elementary, middle, and high schools, this includes Montessori schools and other academic environments.

Here, too, our private school content creation services include writing website content, blog articles, and newsletters. About Us, Staff, Programs, Admissions, Fundraising, and FAQs pages can all provide essential information to parents, while blog articles and newsletters can help with engagement and fundraising on an ongoing basis.

Content Writing for Education Companies

Education Content Writing Services from Smart ContentWe also write online content for education companies. While many education companies work with website development firms and marketing firms, many of these firms lack professional education writers. As a result of our experience in the academic field, we know how to write content that speaks to administrators, department directors, and other stakeholders; and, if your customers are academic institutions, we can custom-tailor our content to your company’s target audience.

If your customers are students or parents, we can custom-tailor our content to your company’s target audience, too. We can also provide organic SEO services to bring more visitors to your company’s website, driving new revenue for your business.

More About What We Do

Now that you know a little bit about the types of academic institutions and companies we serve, here is an overview of the education content writing services we can provide to your college, university, private school, or company:

  • Website Content Buildouts – We do content buildouts for both new and existing websites. If your academic institution or education company is working with a website design firm, we can work alongside your design firm throughout the website construction process. If your institution or company is managing its website in-house, we can work with your marketing or IT department (or other appropriate personnel) directly.
  • Monthly Blog Articles and Newsletters – Publishing monthly content serves several marketing-related purposes; and, as a result, this is a significant part of what we do for our clients. We provide flat-rate monthly content creation services that can incorporate active SEO management if desired.
  • Custom Content Creation – Along with website content buildouts and monthly content creation services, we provide custom content creation services as well. If you are interested in any type of professionally written content for your institution or company, we invite you to get in touch.
  • Organic SEO – We provide organic SEO services for public academic institutions, private schools, and education companies. Our SEO Director has over a decade of experience as well, and we take a highly analytical approach to SEO management that has consistently proven to generate long-term audience growth.
  • Content Translation – We also provide content translation services for academic institutions and education companies in the U.S. and abroad. Once our education content writers do their thing in English, we can translate your institution’s or company’s content into select languages. We also provide translation and editing services (in addition to custom writing services) for international academic institutions targeting U.S. audiences.

Why Choose Smart Content for Your Educational Institution or Company?

Whether you need school website content, business website content, blog articles, alumni engagement content, or any other type of content for your educational institution or company, why should you choose us? Here’s what we have to offer:

  • A Professional Approach to Professional Content Writing – We take a professional approach to professional content writing. We provide straightforward recommendations based on our clients’ needs, we meticulously research and craft custom-tailored content, and we don’t miss deadlines.
  • Decades of Professional Content Writing and Organic SEO Experience – Combined, our CEO and SEO Director have decades of experience providing professional content writing and organic SEO services. We rely on this experience to provide informed content and SEO recommendations to our clients.
  • Transparent and Flat-Rate Pricing – Our pricing is fully transparent, and we provide most of our education content writing services at flat rates. This includes our flat-rate monthly content writing services. When you choose us, you will know exactly what your institution or company is going to pay before we get started.
  • Flexibility with No Long-Term Commitments – We are flexible, and we are more than happy to adapt as your institution’s or company’s needs change over time. We do not require long-term commitments for any of our services (though it is important to understand that it can take a few months to begin seeing results from a new organic SEO strategy).
  • A Commitment to Writing the Best Content on the Web – We read a lot of online content. While some of it is occasionally pretty good, we sincerely believe that we write some of the best content on the web.

Inquire About Our Education Content Writing Services

If you are interested in our education content writing services, we encourage you to get in touch. We can work with you to define the scope of your project and develop a plan for moving forward. Please contact us online to get started today.