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Here’s Who You’ll Be Working with at Smart Content

When you choose a content marketing agency, it’s the people that matter most. You need to know that your business or institution will receive professionally written content that advances sound content marketing and organic SEO strategies, and you need to be able to rely on the agency’s team to manage your account transparently and effectively.

Meet Our Team

Our team is led by Jeff Fabian and Daniel Navarro. Jeff is our CEO and Lead Writer, and he is a non-practicing lawyer with over a decade of content writing experience. Daniel is our SEO Director, and he too has a decade of experience helping businesses and institutions use online content to increase their revenue.

When you choose Smart Content, you will work with Jeff and Daniel directly. Depending on your business’s or institution’s needs, we may also have another writer work on your project. In any case, Jeff and Daniel will oversee all aspects of your project, and you will be able to reach out to them directly when you want to get in touch.

Jeff Fabian, CEO and Lead Writer

CEO and Lead Writer at content marketing agency Smart Content

As CEO and Lead Writer, Jeff Fabian manages our day-to-day operations as a content marketing agency. He also writes much of the content we deliver to our clients. When he is not writing for our clients, he is either working with our other writers or handling other aspects of our business.

Jeff’s Background

Jeff’s background is in the law. After graduating from Virginia Tech, he attended the University of Maryland School of Law. He worked for a small firm for a few years before going solo, and subsequently being recruited into the in-house legal department of a large publicly traded company.

Seven years in, he decided to make a change. He left his position as Assistant General Counsel to begin writing legal content full-time. Fast-forward seven more years, and he made the decision to establish Smart Content to address a void in the market for dedicated, professional, and reliable content marketing agencies.

While he was focusing on legal content as an independent writer, Jeff was also building his own legal lead generation website. He sold the website through a brokerage firm in 2023.

Jeff’s Content Writing Experience

Jeff began writing legal content during his time as a solo practitioner to market his firm. After taking a break during his tenure as in-house counsel, he decided to leave the law to write professionally. While he enjoyed practicing law and was in a position to continue advancing in his career, he craved the flexibility of setting his own schedule and working out of the office.

As an independent writer, Jeff wrote thousands of pages and articles for clients throughout the United States and around the world. While the majority of his clients were law firms, he also wrote for a wide variety of other businesses. Along with his clients’ websites, his writing has appeared in media outlets including (but not limited to):

  • AAFD.org
  • AttorneyAtLawMagazine.com
  • Benzinga.com
  • CEOworld.biz
  • Entrepreneur.com
  • FastCompany.com
  • FoxBusiness.com
  • FranchisingWorld.com
  • IBtimes.com
  • LawPracticeAdvisor.com
  • MichiganPharmacists.org
  • MSBA.org
  • JDSupra.com
  • NationalLawReview.com
  • TGdaily.com
  • VentureBeat.com
  • Yahoo.com

Jeff continues to write for a wide range of businesses as Lead Writer for Smart Content. When you choose to work with our content marketing agency, he will be actively involved in your project—whether he writes your content or reviews and edits the content written by one of our other talented writers.

Jeff’s Personal Interests

Outside of Smart Content, Jeff has a variety of personal interests, and these interests reflect many of the industries we serve. He lives in Charleston, SC, where he is a member of a sailboat racing crew, trains for ultramarathons, kayaks, and spends time with his family. He enjoys traveling for vacation and races, and has a strong interest in cars from the 1990s.

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Daniel Navarro, SEO Director

SEO Director at content marketing agency Smart Content

As SEO Director, Daniel Navarro develops and manages all of our clients’ organic SEO strategies. Once he develops a client’s initial strategy, he and Jeff work together closely to implement the strategy through keyword planning and on-site SEO. Daniel then monitors our clients’ search performance on an ongoing basis, adjusting their strategies as necessary to address areas of opportunity and areas of concern arising out of algorithm updates, competition, and changes in our clients’ business goals. Daniel assists our clients with executing off-site organic SEO strategies as well.

Daniel’s Background

Daniel’s background is in organic SEO. He has been developing and executing organic SEO strategies for clients since 2014. As a result of his decade of experience, he has been able to observe trends on Google and other search engines over time, and this informs the systematic-yet-fluid approach to organic SEO that he takes today.

Daniel’s approach is also heavily research-based. He spends time—time that is well worth it—examining competing businesses and institutions’ SEO efforts to realistically assess where our clients can make gains in the organic rankings. He also uses a variety of analytics tools to track our clients’ organic SEO campaigns daily—and to respond to potential threats as quickly as possible. With organic SEO, rankings and traffic will fluctuate. The key is to make sure the ups are bigger than the downs, and this is where Daniel excels as an organic SEO specialist.

Daniel’s Organic SEO Experience

Daniel began his organic SEO career in the legal industry. This is how he and Jeff met. He spent time at two different content marketing agencies and founded a business in the Philippines before coming to Smart Content. He has built and executed organic SEO strategies for countless websites, and he is constantly exploring and testing new ways to help our clients outrank their competitors.

Daniel’s Personal Interests

Outside of Smart Content, Daniel enjoys traveling and spending time with his family, including his young son. A native of the Philippines, Daniel currently resides in Cebu City, where he works with our U.S. and international clients remotely.

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Our Talented Writers

We also have a group of talented independent writers who we call upon to help execute our clients’ content marketing and SEO strategies on an as-needed basis. We choose writers for our clients’ projects based on their content writing experience. As a professional content marketing agency, the quality of our writing is what matters the most, and we ensure that all of our clients’ content meets our high standards.

As with everything we do, you’ll have the opportunity to provide input on who writes your business or institution’s content. All of the writers who produce content for our clients are highly capable, but we understand that sometimes styles just don’t mesh. If you want to try out another writer at any time, we are more than happy to make this happen, although we sincerely don’t believe this will be necessary.

Why Choose Smart Content as Your Content Marketing Agency?

We are confident in our content writing and organic SEO capabilities, and we hold a sincere belief in our ability to help every client we serve. If that’s not enough, here are some more reasons why we think you should choose Smart Content:

  • We’ve Been at This for a While – A decade is a long time in the world of content writing and SEO. Jeff and Daniel have both been at this for 10 years or more. As a result, they have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t, and they use their experience and insights to inform the work they do for our clients.
  • We Emphasize the Professional Aspect of Our Business – We describe ourselves as a professional content marketing agency, and we do so with intention. We emphasize professionalism in everything we do, from how we write to how we present our organic SEO strategies, and from how we communicate with our clients to how we manage their accounts.
  • We Don’t Hide the Ball – As a client of Smart Content, you will know everything we know about your content marketing and SEO strategies. As part of our professionalism, we prioritize transparency, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know in order to make informed decisions.
  • We Care About the Quality of Our Work – The quality of our work matters to us above all else. We won’t ever claim to be perfect, but we will claim to care about the content we produce more than just about anyone.
  • We Care About the Results We Help Our Clients Achieve – We enjoy what we do, and we take pride in seeing our clients thrive. We truly want to help your business or institution grow.

Contact Us About Your Business’s or Institution’s Content Needs

If you are looking for a professional content marketing agency to write content for your website—or for any other projects or initiatives you have in the pipeline—we invite you to get in touch. We’ll go over our pricing with you so that you can make an informed decision about moving forward. To get started, please contact us today.