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We Write All Types of Healthcare Website Content for Providers and Other Organizations in the Medical Industry

There is a lot of medical content online. Unfortunately, while it is critical for providers and patients to make informed decisions, some healthcare-oriented websites are much better than others. Inaccurate, incomplete, and outdated healthcare website content can lead providers and patients astray—and this can have serious consequences in some cases.

We provide professional medical content writing services for providers and all other types of organizations involved in the medical industry. If you are in need of medical industry copywriting services, we can provide accurate and informative content that adds value for your practice, business, or organization. We write all types of healthcare website content—from home pages and staff bios to blog articles and other types of patient education content—and we do so with flat-rate pricing and a detail-oriented approach backed by years of professional content writing experience.

Our Healthcare Website Content and Other Medical Content Writing Services

So, what can we do for you? Most of our work involves doing website content buildouts and writing blog articles and other content on an ongoing basis. We can incorporate organic search engine optimization (SEO) into our healthcare website content (and offsite content) as well, and our SEO Director has more than a decade of experience working with clients in various professional services sectors.

Our healthcare website content and other medical content writing services include:

Healthcare Website Content Buildouts

We write all types of content for healthcare websites ranging in size from dozens to hundreds of pages. We work on both new and existing websites, and we work with clients directly as well as with website design firms that need outsourced professional medical content writing services.

If you already have a site structure in mind, we can get to work writing the pages you want for your (or your client’s) website. If you aren’t sure what pages you need, we can provide recommendations. Some examples of the types of healthcare website content we typically write include:

  • Home Pages
  • About Us Pages
  • Staff Profiles
  • Practice Pages
  • Product Pages
  • FAQs
  • Blog Articles
  • Careers, DE&I, and Other Pages

Again, these are just examples. If you have other ideas about the types of content you’d like to include on your (or your client’s) website, we can work with you to flesh out your ideas and create professional, custom-tailored content. We will work with you to establish deadlines at the outset of your website content buildout project, and we will write all content at our standard flat rates.

Monthly Blog Articles (Including Patient Education Content)

Much of our work involves writing monthly blog articles for our clients. Publishing content on a regular basis serves several goals, including (but not limited to):

  • Engaging with potential patients, customers, and referral sources;
  • Providing content for email newsletters to stay in touch with existing patients, customers, and referral sources; and,
  • Enhancing online visibility through organic SEO.

For healthcare providers and others interested in increasing their online visibility through organic SEO, monthly content is essential. Our monthly content plans for our SEO clients include blog articles and updates to existing content. Adding new patient education content and refreshing a site’s existing content are both key aspects of an effective organic SEO strategy—the search engines look for both, and both play important roles in improving and maintaining keyword rankings.

While healthcare providers, business owners, and other professionals often struggle to come up with fresh article ideas, we have written for many clients for years. We take a systematic approach to topic ideation, and we do a significant amount of research to develop article topics for our clients. Our clients’ organic SEO strategies play an important role as well; and, in the end, we focus on developing engaging topics that are designed to both drive website traffic and increase website conversions for our clients.

Other Medical Industry Copywriting Services

Along with writing static website content and monthly blog articles, we also provide many other medical industry copywriting services. This includes writing everything from e-books to guest articles for other websites, and from LinkedIn posts to video scripts for YouTube. If you are interested in any type of professional medical content writing services, we encourage you to contact us to discuss what we can do to help. We provide many types of third-party content and custom content writing services for clients in the medical industry.

Organic SEO for Medical Clients

Organic SEOMedical Content Writing Services from Smart Content is becoming increasingly important for all entities involved in the medical industry, as patients and others are increasingly searching for providers and information online. When we write SEO-optimized content, we focus on the reader first—incorporating keywords as necessary to increase readership without detracting from the readability of our clients’ medical content.

Unlike pay-per-click SEO, organic SEO provides long-term results. You aren’t simply paying for a click on Google or Bing; instead, you are investing in custom website content that will continue to attract your desired audience over time. We develop and execute custom-tailored organic SEO strategies for clients in the medical industry, and we actively manage our clients’ strategies in order to help them consistently rank over time.

Medical Content Translation Services

We also provide translation services for medical content. If you are interested in publishing medical content in Spanish or other languages, we can write custom English-language content and then translate it to expand your practice or organization’s online reach. For those with non-English-speaking patients and other non-English-speaking audiences, publishing translated content can be a highly effective way of increasing both online readership and online inquiries.

Medical Clients We Serve

We serve clients throughout the medical industry. This includes writing the following types of healthcare content:

  • Healthcare Provider Content – We write custom-tailored content and provide organic SEO services for physician practices, physician groups, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and all other types of healthcare providers throughout the United States.
  • DME Company Content – We also write custom-tailored content and provide organic SEO services for durable medical equipment (DME) companies. This includes writing for DME companies in the United States and other countries around the world.
  • Pharmacy Content – We have extensive experience writing pharmacy-related online content. If you are in need of pharmacy website writing services for a new or existing practice, we invite you to get in touch to discuss your content needs.
  • Medical Information Website Content – We also write content for medical information websites. We have the capacity to generate a substantial amount of content on a monthly basis for organic SEO purposes.
  • Healthcare Lead Generation Website Content – In addition to writing for healthcare providers, DME companies, pharmacies, and medical information websites, we also write for healthcare lead generation websites. Here, too, we focus on blending informative and practical content with effective organic SEO.
  • Healthcare Law, Auditing, Insurance, and Other Medical Industry Content – We also write custom content for practices and businesses involved in other aspects of the medical industry. This includes writing content for healthcare law firms, medical billing auditors, insurance companies, benefit managers, and other businesses.
  • Institutional Healthcare Organizations – In addition to writing for clients in the private sector, we also write for academic institutions and government agencies. We provide custom content creation services for not-for-profit organizations as well.

Why Choose Smart Content to Write Your Online Medical Content?

If you need professionally written healthcare website content, patient education content, or any other type of online medical content, why should you choose us? Here’s what we offer:

  • A Professional Approach – We take a professional approach to producing professional content. Our CEO and Lead Writer is a former lawyer who has written extensively on a wide range of topics in the medical industry.
  • Over a Decade of Experience – Our CEO and SEO Director each have over a decade of experience working with professional practices, online information platforms, and other entities and organizations. As a result, we know what types of content perform well, and we are extremely well-versed in organic SEO.
  • A Focus on Content Writing and Organic SEO – We focus on what we do best, and that is producing professional online content and executing targeted organic SEO strategies. While we don’t provide website design services, we often work alongside website design agencies.
  • Flat-Rate Pricing – We provide all of our medical content writing services at flat rates. This means that you will know exactly how much you are going to pay for your online medical content.
  • Custom-Tailored Solutions – In everything we do, we focus on providing custom-tailored solutions that meet our clients’ specific needs. We provide recommendations based on what we think is best for our clients, and we work closely with our clients to reassess their content and SEO needs on an ongoing basis.

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If you would like to learn more about our professional medical content writing services, we invite you to get in touch. We work with clients throughout the United States and worldwide. Please contact us online to get started today.