Monthly Content Writing Services

A Flat-Rate Monthly Content Plan Custom-Tailored to Your Business or Institution

Much of our work involves providing monthly content writing services for our clients. We provide flat-rate monthly content plans that we custom-tailor to each of our clients’ specific needs.

Ongoing content creation is essential for effective organic search engine optimization (SEO). But, publishing well-written content on a monthly basis serves other important purposes, too. Among them, it allows businesses and institutions to remain top-of-mind with their audience, and it facilitates engagement with prospective clients, prospective customers, and members of your network.

Examples of Flat-Rate Monthly Content Plans

While we can build a monthly content plan based on your business or institution’s specific goals or budget, we also provide a number of more “standardized” monthly plans. Although these plans are standardized in terms of the number of words (and hours of organic SEO services) we deliver each month, we custom-tailor all of our clients’ ongoing content creation and SEO services.

The article topics we propose and the SEO strategy we execute will be unique to your business or institution, and we will continue to hone your business or institution’s strategy over time. This is because developing a content marketing and organic SEO strategy is not a one-time event. To be effective, content marketing and organic SEO strategies require constant refinement. We take an active approach to topic research and organic SEO management to help ensure that the content we deliver is as effective as possible.

Here are a few examples of flat-rate monthly content plans we provide to businesses and institutions:

  • 2,500 Words Per Month with Organic SEO Management – We typically deliver two 1,000-word articles and two 250-word content refreshes per month. The article topics will reflect your business or institution’s overall content marketing and organic SEO strategy, while the content refreshes will add to existing pages or articles based on current organic SEO needs.
  • 5,000 Words Per Month with Organic SEO Management – This roughly equates to one 1,000-word article per week, plus either four 250-word content refreshes or two 500-word content refreshes. The specific pieces we deliver each month will be based on our current assessment of your business or institution’s organic SEO needs.
  • 12,500 Words Per Month with Organic SEO Management – Depending on our client’s organic SEO needs, we may deliver up to ten 1,000-word articles or six 1,500-word articles per month plus multiple content updates in the 250 to 500-word range. Here, too, we determine article topics and the pages or articles to update based on our active management of the client’s organic SEO strategy.

In addition to providing SEO-focused monthly content plans, we also provide non-SEO content for businesses and institutions that are simply looking to publish content that they can promote through their email lists, social media accounts, and other online marketing platforms. If you don’t need organic SEO services, we will develop your business or institution’s article topics based on our research, your overall content marketing goals, and any specific subjects you want us to cover.

What You Can Expect Each Month

Any time you engage a content marketing agency (or any professional services firm), it is important to know what you can expect as you move forward. Here is what you can expect when you choose us to develop your business or institution’s monthly website content:

  • Topic Recommendations Focused on Your Business or Institution – We will provide topic recommendations for new articles and content updates focused on your business or institution. Our recommendations will reflect our organic SEO strategy, our overall content marketing strategy, and your business or organization’s target audience.
  • Data-Driven Organic SEO Recommendations – We will provide data-driven organic SEO recommendations on a monthly basis. We will determine the keywords to target based on your site’s current performance, new competition in the rankings, and other pertinent factors.
  • Professionally Written Content Delivered On Time – All of the content we provide to our clients is written by professional writers, including our CEO and Lead Writer. Our writers thoroughly research every piece, and we ensure that we deliver every piece on time.

When you choose Smart Content to write your business or institution’s monthly content, we do not require you to commit to using our services for any length of time. However, we do anticipate that you will continue using our services for long enough to see results—especially when it comes to organic SEO. We want you to be fully satisfied with the content we produce, and our goal is to get you to stay with us because you want to, not because you are contractually committed.

Two Key Types of Monthly Content for Organic SEO

As referenced above, we generally incorporate two types of content into our monthly SEO plans: (i) blog articles, and (ii) updates to existing content. Both are important for maintaining an effective content marketing strategy. Here’s why:

Timely (or Timeless) Articles

Publishing blog articles each month shows Google and the other search engines that your business or institution’s website is updated regularly—and this is a factor that weighs in the organic search rankings. Our regular blog posting services also allow your business or institution to bolster its efforts to target existing keywords and incorporate new keywords into its overall content marketing strategy. Publishing multiple articles each month provides opportunities for engaging with your business or institution’s audience as well.

We focus on writing articles that are either timely or timeless. This typically means writing articles such as:

  • Informative articles related to the business or institution’s products or services (i.e., “What To Do After a Car Accident” for a personal injury law firm, or “How to Take Amazing Drone Photos” for a company that sells drones or drone components).
  • Articles that cover current events relevant to your business or institution (i.e., articles covering significant developments in your industry or field, or articles covering other newsworthy events of interest to your intended audience).
  • Articles related to holidays or other events (i.e., topics focused on Independence Day, Memorial Day, the winter holidays, or back-to-school season).
  • Articles highlighting new products, services, or business initiatives (i.e., articles informing customers about a new product line or a law firm’s efforts to achieve Mansfield Certification)
  • Thought and opinion pieces discussing current events or changes (or potential changes) in the industry (i.e., articles discussing the implications of artificial intelligence for a business’s clients or customers).

With thousands of articles written, we are familiar with the types of topics that tend to be of interest to readers in different industries. If you have topic ideas, we can discuss them—and, if you don’t, we can come up with topics based on our research and expertise.

Updates to Existing Content

Updates prevent existing content from losing ground in the organic search rankings. We typically write multiple updates per month for clients that are on our monthly content plans. These updates may focus on adding more weight to a page or article’s existing keywords, or they may focus on targeting new keywords that have become associated with a piece of content on the search engines.

When we write content updates, we ensure that our added content flows with the words that are already on the page. In many cases, this will involve adding new sections, such as new lists or FAQs. In others, it will involve adding paragraphs to existing sections. When writing content updates, we write based on what is needed in order to protect our clients’ rankings while still keeping their content clear, well-organized, and engaging for prospective clients or customers.

How Important is Monthly Content for Organic SEO?

Monthly content is vitally important for organic SEO. If your business or organization does not publish new content each month, it will see its rankings slide. Without monthly content, eventually, the work that went into developing a high-ranking website will go to waste. Your business or institution’s click-through rate will decline, and its revenue will suffer. It really is that simple.

This is why writing monthly content for our clients’ websites is such a significant component of our work as a content marketing agency. Not only does it make a difference, but it can be the difference between getting clients or customers and having a website that doesn’t serve its intended purpose.

Why Else Is Monthly Content Important?

We’ve touched on this already, but it bears repeating: Monthly content isn’t just important for organic SEO. It serves other business and marketing purposes as well. For lawyers, doctors, accountants, real estate brokers, and other service providers, it provides an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and engage with your professional network. For brand-based businesses, it offers the opportunity to showcase your products and build connections with new and existing customers. Our clients use their content in a variety of other creative ways as well—and, in the end, your business or institution’s website is an asset that requires maintenance to protect its value should you decide to sell.

Getting clients or customers online is all about creating interest, increasing interactions, and maintaining brand visibility. Monthly content serves all three of these purposes. With our professional monthly content writing services, our clients are able to get more business online—and in the end our ongoing content creation services can more than pay for themselves.

About Our Monthly Content Writing Services

At Smart Content, we don't simply pick topics and write. There is much more involved, and our analytical and strategic approach is designed to help generate maximum readership through organic SEO while also helping to turn more readers into clients or customers.

Monthly Content Writing Services from Smart ContentWhen we work with clients for ongoing content creation, we develop topics based on general research, competitor research, SEO research, and our own professional insights and expertise. Having written thousands of blog articles for businesses, firms, and institutions in a wide range of industries, we have a good understanding of the types of content that tend to perform well. If you have specific subject matter you want to cover or specific article topics that you think would work well, we can incorporate these into your or organization's ongoing content creation plan. If you don't, we can do all of the necessary legwork, and we can submit proposed topics to you for pre-approval if desired.

Every piece of content we produce is written by a professional content writer and goes through a multi-step quality assurance process. We read, re-read, proofread, and revise everything we write, and we rely on multiple tools to double and triple-check our work. Does that mean we never make mistakes? No, it doesn't. But, what it does mean is that you can expect professional-quality content that we truly believe sets the standard for our industry.

Our Other Professional Content Writing Services

Along with providing ongoing content creation and regular blog posting services, we provide several other professional content writing services as well. These include:

Why Choose Smart Content for Ongoing Content Creation?

If you are looking for a digital marketing agency to provide ongoing content development services for your organization, why should you choose Smart Content?

When deciding where to direct your organization's marketing budget, you need to make this decision wisely. Poorly written content is difficult to salvage, and it is often less expensive to have new content written from scratch. Likewise, if your organization's organic SEO strategy is ineffective—or if it is executed ineffectively—then not only will you be wasting your marketing budget, but you will be getting further behind your competitors.

At Smart Content, we take a professional and analytical approach to ongoing content creation that is backed by more than 20 years of experience. We are professional writers and SEO consultants, and producing content that is designed to help our clients' businesses grow is all we do. We produce demonstrable results, and we do so while providing transparent pricing and keeping our clients updated, informed, and engaged to their level of interest every step of the way.

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